Crossfit Goals

I spent the whole weekend pretty much eating whatever I wanted. It was a good one, though!

Paleo pancakes kicked it off:



I totally felt like I was having something way more unhealthy than I was 🙂

Also I have become completely addicted to coconut water. I figured it was just a matter of time.


Also, I made these paleo blueberry honey coconut cups from PaleOMG.


They are SUPER filling… and quite calorie dense. And will totally spoil your dinner 😀

Made paleOMG spaghetti meatball bites again. OBSESSED.


I also ate sushi, pizza, gelato, sorbet, garlic bread, and who knows what else…. it was a little ridiculous, but now I’m motivated to stick to healthy stuff this week. Float trip is in 5 days!

(This picture is super embarassing, so I shrank it down.)

Crossfit accomplishments:

  • I climbed allll the way up the 15-foot rope! It was SCARY coming back down. Rope burned my leg.
  • I did a handstand pushup with only one mat under my head. Whee! Those are ALL technique.
  • I got a new power clean max: 145!
  • And a new push press max: 95… lol, I’m working on it.

Gosh I love crossfit, but I am SO eager to get awesome at everything as fast as possible! I have such a long way to go as far as strength is concerned. Yeah, I have started off with some pretty big numbers compared to most people… but most people aren’t as heavy as I am. I can’t bench press my body weight. Or clean it. Pretty much the only thing I can do is squat it. I can’t do a static pull up, static handstand pushup, un-aided ring dip, or even string more than 3-4 kipping pullups together. Yeah, I’m strong when you look at the numbers. But I *have* to be to carry my big ol butt around all day. There are lots of girls who can lift what I can lift, but they weigh  40 lbs less than me, so it’s much more impressive.

I need to calm down. I sound like such a negative Nancy–it will come. I’ve only been doing this for 4 months. I’m having fun, and that’s what should really matter the most.

Short term goals:

  • I would LOVE to clean and jerk 145.
  • String together 20 double unders (again)
  • Do ring dips on the skinny purple band.
  • Figure out how to descend the rope without burning my skin off.
  • String together those stupid pull ups.
  • Get a little running endurance back.

Long term goals:

  • Dead hang pullups.
  • Unassisted ring dips.
  • HSPU like a pro.
  • Clean and Jerk 165
  • Butterfly Pullups
  • Be a double-under queen
  • Back Squat 250 (is that realistic?)
  • Deadlift 300

Ultimate goals:

  • Do a muscle-up!

2 thoughts on “Crossfit Goals

  1. robfiasco June 18, 2012 / 10:05 am

    I’m impressed with what you can do at CrossFit right now! You would totally kick my ass at pretty much everything I’m sure…

    I totally wanna make those pancakes and meatball bites. maybe the muffins minus the coconut. in fact. it all just made me hungry. thanks.

    • fabulousinfayetteville June 18, 2012 / 12:06 pm

      They kinda look muffiny, but they are dense and creamy like a peanut butter cup. Only they probably contain less sugar and more fat…. i’m sure you could make them with whatever-the-heck fruit you want to. And if u don’t like coconut, you better learn to bc paleo=coconut-tacular!

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