Mmmm, Chianti

I havent “dressed up” for a night out in a while.



I look like I’m in college, haha! I don’t care, that shirt is fun.

Zach’s Birthday dinner was Saturday night! We went to eat at some place called Vetro 1925. It was delicious but it cost an arm and a leg to order any kind of meat there…

I had a glass of chianti though, because I hardly ever do that and it is freaking DELICIOUS!



I ordered spinach gnocci because it was like 1/3 the price of everything else. That stuff is delicious–too bad its made out of potatoes.



I basically felt like I was eating a giant plate of cheese. Which I guess is okay to do every once in a while. It reminded me a lot of my pre-race dinner in Dallas before White Rock.

Speidini is one of my favorite places:



Speidini means shishkebabs in italian. I might have made that up, but the waitress laughed at me when I told Zach that at lunch last week. I think it’s partially true (maybe the “shish” part is a big lie). I could eat that every day. Especially the creamy parmesan spinach. It’s not paleo, but it’s not that horrible either, IMO.

It’s totally dumb of me to write this food post while I’m in a fast! lol ohwell I’m about to end it at lunch in about 30 minutes. I love intermittent fasting, but only during the week. If it’s a Saturday morning and I wake up hungry there is NO way i’m gonna wait till after noon to eat. Plus I don’t want to do crossfit while deep into a fast. The thought freaks me out. Speaking of which–


  • I finally jerked 155.
  • I am still confused about how to snatch properly… lol
  • I freaking LOVE tape grips (thanks christina!!!!)
  • I did 14 double-unders with my shoddy rope! (Still waiting on my new RX rope)

I also feel like I should add that I made two very ugly attempts at a tantrum last night.


I have a ways to go before I actually become right-side-up for a landing, though. That will be a pretty awesome feat.

Other news: I am removing myself from the schedule at World Gym. I will be “sleeping in” every once in a while. I’m rather psyched about that 🙂

More other news: I only used one vacation day last year… I had 5. This year I get ten, and therefore I have 14 days to use! I need to go snowboarding and/or to the beach. So, yeah. There’s that to think on.

5 thoughts on “Mmmm, Chianti

    • fabulousinfayetteville August 14, 2012 / 4:36 am

      Aw man, if it is then I better not move anywhere else! I have no clue, I’ve never tried to make ends meet in any other city before, but I guess I can see some truth. It’s a city but it’s also a small town 🙂

  1. JessMess August 14, 2012 / 10:23 pm

    You MUST go snowboarding with me this year! No excuses. I promise we’ll make it cheap. Gonna have to be for me to go, lol!

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