Chili & “the 540”

I am completely obsessed with avocados right now.

Therefore I made this salad:

  • Mixed organic greens
  • leftover rotisserie chicken
  • Avocado (obviously)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • sprinkle of goat cheese
  • champaign dressing (NOT paleo… but worth it)

Last night I made PaleOMG’s Butternut Squash Curry Chili. Just because I like to listen to my stomach gurgle. That’s how I spend my free time–all 15 minutes of it. Actually, the truth is that I was at the store and I was like “La-di-da, I’m gonna make something with sweet potato fries! HOLYCRAP”–Walmart is completely sold out of sweet potatoes… After a short panic attack, I spotted some lovely looking butternut squashes. I pulled up and type in “butternut squash” and since I already had 2lbs of ground turkey in my basket (aside from the fact that I’ve made the pesto chicken 90 times already), I decided to make the curry Chili.

20120823-100817.jpgThis recipe is weird bc you cook the meat first and then put it aside while you do the veggies.


I’m using this post to experiment with picture sizes.

20120823-100851.jpgI decided to top with avocado since cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips are sins.

20120823-100914.jpgIt’s been in the upper 80’s lately–time for some hot food, brrr! lol j/k


OH! I know you’re dying to know how I did with the first tryouts WOD last night…

“The 540”

50 overhead lunges (25 lb plate)

40 pullups

30 thrusters (65)

20 burpees

10 cleans (95)

I busted through the lunges unbroken. Then I broke the SNOT out of the pullups. They were horrible, but I got my chin over the bar 40 times.

Thrusters: I did a set of ten and then 4 sets of 5. They weren’t too terrible, but I had to step back and breathe a couple of times. I am kindof a baller at thrusters.

Burpees: there is no way to break these up… I was being a big baby and did them in sets of 5.

Cleans: I made up for all my sissying around on these. 95lbs is cake for me. Hurray for me for being enormous, lol! Time–10:27–11 seconds faster than I did on Saturday! I have NO idea how that happened, because I thought I was a lot more successful on Saturday. Apparently not.

It sure is nice to have that monster behind me… today is a rest day and tomorrow is this:


Oly Total

12 minutes to find both your Snatch and your G2OH

Score total Weight


Run 1200M

Run 400 M with Sandbag 50/25

Scale 800/400

I have no idea what my snatch max is, but I am pretty sure I can kick some serious tail on those WODs. I am gonna shoot for 155 for my G2OH. And Thank goodness I have my running background to carry me through that mile 🙂 It’s the Saturday and Sunday WODs that are really going to ttest me.


3 thoughts on “Chili & “the 540”

  1. robfiasco August 23, 2012 / 11:51 am

    that food looks pretty tasty. minus the goat cheese.

    walmart? is that your only option? or just the cheapest one. i won’t even go to our wal-mart. too crazy. unless I go at like midnight.

    40 pullups makes me hurt just reading it. awesome job!!!

      • robfiasco August 23, 2012 / 1:22 pm

        oh yeah. duh. i knew that. i heard that thing on NPR about it.

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