HOA Tryouts

If I ever get married, this is one of my wedding photos.

20120826-105802.jpgOnly I kinda want the groom up there next to me, haha!  I should hurry up and learn a muscle-up… and find a boyfriend.

My back is so sore, I can barely breathe! Yesterday for tryout WOD #4, we did a 3 rep max dead. So I did three at 240, 3 at 245, and 3 at 250. Gross. That is a great score, but it was kinda dumb of me to shred my back like that. I lifted with nasty form… I just really think it would be cool to be on an RX team for HOA. Let’s recap–

WOD 1 was max ground to overhead and max snatch. I’ve never done a max snatch. I pretty much ripped 105 up over my head. It was super ugly. And I clean and jerked 160–a 10lb PR! I was amped. WOD 2 was run a mile–last 400m with  25lb sandbag. I did great on that one, I got third with a time of 6:58. By the end of day 1, I was in 4th place overall. Pretty excited about that.

I love the power purple color!

Yesterday WOD 3 was the chest to bar pullups, wall balls, and ring pushups. I managed to get through about two and a half rounds, which I was happy with. I had never done chest to bar pull ups before.

WOD 4 was the deadlift WOD. I think I was in the top 5 there.

WOD 6 was completely terrible. I knew it would be hard with the double unders-I got tripped up a lot, the GHD sit ups were cake, and the 55KB swings ate me for breakfast. The standard of movement is to have the kettlebell in a straight up and down position over your head, but mine kept tilting forward. My hands were too sweaty and my technique was horrible. I still managed to be in 7th place after all that chaos, which still keeps me in the running to be on an RX team. I think.

I always have a weird look on my face when I work out. ohwell.

So today is the last day of tryouts–only three more WODs! They are:

WOD#6 -5 mintes as many reps as possible of 105lb thrusters.

WOD#7 – row 400m, 20toes to bar, 20 handstand pushups, row 300m, 10 toes to bar, 10 hspu (I dread this one the most bc I have never done “RX” hand stand pushups. I always use ab mats under my head.)

WOD#8 – 2 rope climbs, 7 overhead squats 95lbs.

I just hope my back doesn’t crap out on me during the thrusters. I need to stop worrying though, because even if I don’t make an RX team I will still go to HOA with an awesome group of athletes. No matter what at this point I will at least be on a good scaled team. Every girl will make a team, but not every guy will. There aren’t enough girls signed up to balance out the teams 😦 But it puts my mind at ease.

Cooking also helps me stay calm, I think. I made some “feaux” mashed potatoes.


And Gewnyth Paltrow’s carmelized brussels sprouts.

I’m trying to save the rest of this cupcake as a treat for myself for finishing tryouts, haha!20120826-105831.jpgYes. there are like 3 huge bites taken out of the back. Woops.


2 thoughts on “HOA Tryouts

  1. robfiasco @ run 2 the hills August 26, 2012 / 1:16 pm

    haha same goes for me if I ever get married. except the muscle ups will have to be done on a beach somewhere.

    how are you gonna manage to do more WOD’s? When i’m suffering from DOMS i can barely walk sometimes yet alone work out more…..i’m envious.

    good luck today!!!! 🙂

    • fabulousinfayetteville August 27, 2012 / 8:46 am

      Oh it was ugly…. I just pushed through it somehow! (I borrowed a weight belt and I think that helped me keep a strong core with such a weak back)

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