Dallas Getaway!

I’m definitely making a long story short, but where goes… No races, no commitments, just a long weekend in Dallas to see the girls! FINALLY. First things first: Hit up lulu–


I found two gems: dance studio crops in currant (they were never uploaded to the website) and a “ta-ta tamer” in bruised berry. I had two ta-ta tamers, but one of them died because I busted a clasp while I was trying to put it on while on the phone and without undoing the clasps. It’s not exactly to be designed to slip over like that, but I am obviously super lazy.

It was so nice to see Brandy and Marlea!! Poo on them for growing up and getting married and moving away from our little hippity-dippity college town. I made that word(s) up. Growing up is stupid, though. For real.

A ridiculous amount of shopping was done over the weekend. And lots of delicious food was consumed:

20120904-105838.jpgThis is a burger from a place called Twisted Root Burger Company.

It’s a texas-tacular buffalo burger with homemade sweet potato chips. Epic.

That night we ate at a greek place called Stratos. (don’t click on that unless you’re ready for some cheesy music that has no “stop” button!)


It was ridiculously delicious. There were bellydancers that would dance around and everyone would throw napkins all over the place. It was quite entertaining, but semi awkward. I had to stuff a dollar on one of their hips because it fell out. Fail. That would happen to me.

20120904-105854.jpgOur dessert was a giant chocolate cheesecake-ish thing. I totally get how people become obese. Makes complete sense now.

Aside from all of this eating, we did a ridiculous amount of shopping. I think we went into something like 5 different LOFT stores, at least 3 Banana Republic stores, 2 TJ Maxx’s, 2 ULTAs, and about 19 different shoe departments/stores. I was hitting “walls”. Like when you run a marathon, only I was hitting shopping walls. lol

The last night after Brandy left, Marlea and I made some banana pudding cupcakes:





Brandy and I made some too a while back. They were fantastic, but they lacked the pudding. Unless it’s real dairy, don’t waste your time trying to make pudding with it. Just saying.

The day I left, Marlea, Trip, and I stopped into Crossfit Deep Ellum:



It was an open gym, and I forgot my “crossfit goodie bag” which contains my tape, wraps, and my rope, so I picked this WOD out of several on the erase board:


Push Press (75/55)

OH squats (75/55)

KB swings (55/35)

“Eva” was also on that dry erase board. That would have been stupid.


I went ahead and did 65lbs instead of 55 because the girl bars were freakishly tiny and I wasn’t sure what they weighed. That was one odd thing about that CF, no one really wanted to help us out. They just kinda turned us loose. One random guy told me that “75lbs is pretty heavy” but unless their bars are 55 instead of 45 he was just saying that… Marlea was overwhelmed by the tight quarters and immense heat. I was too, honestly, but she opted to go for a run instead. Trip hung around and did the workout with me–he survived his first crossfit! Woohoo!

Afterwards we drove around downtown a bit.


We found the little “x” on the road where JFK was shot. Then we stopped for some tex-mex at a place called Iron Cactus.

20120904-105921.jpgI had a “stuffed avocado”. I definitely plan on recreating this thing “paleo-style” in the near future. It was genius.

I contemplated making one last lulu-dash on my way out of town, but my navigationally-challenged self chickened out.

Hopefully I will get to see my girls again on New Year’s Eve!


7 thoughts on “Dallas Getaway!

  1. ~jenniferlynn September 4, 2012 / 2:54 pm

    Oh those cupcakes look delicious.. 27 more days to go.. hehe.

      • ~jenniferlynn September 4, 2012 / 6:19 pm

        There’s always more 30 days in the future 🙂

  2. jenniechris September 4, 2012 / 3:12 pm

    Those cupcakes are soo pretty! And probably really, really tasty.

    PS: I miss you We should go get drinks/have dinner sometime soon.

  3. robfiasco @ run2thehills September 4, 2012 / 6:25 pm

    i love Deep Ellum! I went to a place called “the nightmare” to see a band a couple years ago.

    too bad that box wasn’t all that awesome.

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