LuRong Paleo Challenge

So, since I can’t do the actual LuRong Challenge, I will be holding myself accountable to the diet part only (been working on this sine Monday). Don’t worry–I took “before” pictures. I might actually share them if this challenge yields any visible results. I’m usually pretty strict during the week, so this isn’t that hard….yet. Except the part where I eat dinner and then skip fruit/dessert. That is for the birds.

I got this salad at Fresh Market. Super tasty!20120919-100233.jpgI guess I cheated since it had feta cheese… just realized that. Fail.

I made curry again (the kind I posted about not too long ago). And put it on top of PaleOMG’s coconut cauliflower rice.

This is definitely becoming a staple in my kitchen. It’s easy and quick(ish).

I got some new nanos!!! 20120919-100304.jpg

WHAT? Why did I buy new nanos when I am really in dire need of OLY shoes?!? Oh, because they were $60 from a lovely lady on facebook. OH ok, then proceed.

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 AM to see the lululemon upload. There were some brand new speed shorts, but I wear size 8 and they were long gone 😦



Well, maybe not “long” gone. But gone nonetheless.

I took a picture of the sky because it reminded me of the opening credits in Wizard of Oz.

I think it’s pretty cool that Toto played himself.

So yesterday’s crossfit WOD was straight up redonk. But I finished it somehow. Here it is:

run 800M

5 bar muscle ups (I used a pretty thick band….)

7 muscle ups (I subbed blue banded ring dips and pullups)

run 800M

7 rope climbs <–YES, I did them all!!!

run 800M

40 GHD sit ups

run 800M

100 Double Unders

I finished it in 35:15. I am rather content with that because my rope climbs are super sloppy and I waste lots of energy. That part took me at least 10 minutes, I’m sure. No joke, my arms were all locked up and cramping by the time I was done with those climbs. I even had a panic attack on the first rope climb: I went up to the top, lost my footing, acted like a baby, regained my footing, and came back down. I need a “most improved award” for not being super dramatic about finishing the climbs. Then I was really happy with my double unders. I might have slightly sandbagged the running because I wanted to be able to have power and focus for the finish. Once I got started, I only had to break it into 4 sections. WIN. Some kid I had never seen before was sitting on a box nearby watching me. He nodded in approval.

6 thoughts on “LuRong Paleo Challenge

  1. robfiasco @ run2thehills September 20, 2012 / 10:28 am

    what is the lululemon upload? do they put their new merch online at a certain time?

    i’ll be driving through Arkansas next week! But not near you.

    are those shoes previously worn? haha.

    • fabulousinfayetteville September 20, 2012 / 10:30 am

      Haha–I assume everyone else is obsessed with lulu as much as I am. They upload new stuff at 2:30AM central on Tuesday mornings.

      The shoes were worn one time. They are in excellent condition. That is, until I wear them a few more times 🙂

      • robfiasco @ run2thehills September 20, 2012 / 10:33 am

        do they even have men’s clothes? I’m pretty cheap when it comes to workout clothes….

        that’s not bad then. don’t destroy em too fast! I love my inov-8’s. they need to see some more work though. right now they’re lonely in my car.

      • fabulousinfayetteville September 20, 2012 / 10:36 am

        Yes! Lulu is pricey but very quality stuff. And it fits well and performs well–you should splurge on a piece sometime( –I’m an enabler)!!!! my inov8s have fallen to the back burner because of my nanos…. Also, they make my plantar fasciitis flare up 😦

      • robfiasco @ run2thehills September 20, 2012 / 10:40 am

        yeah, i googled plantar fasciitis. that doesn’t sound fun. i can see why you made the switch. an enabler eh? that’s trouble. i’ll keep away from the website just in case there’s a chance I could like something.

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