My Darkest Days

Last night was the first night of Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Aka “BBBBQ” Yes, that’s 4 B’s. Ridiculous, I know.

Last night also happened to be the night that My Darkest Days decided to play a show at George’s. I got a discount from JakesDeals, so I bought it and saved myself $8. WIN.

I met Rick there. He agreed to go with me which was AWESOME bc I hate going to concerts by myself. Wait a second, that is a total lie. I’ve had an awesome time at every concert I’ve been to alone. I’ve been to three concerts alone now and I’ve had a blast at each one of them. Kinda funny–I think I “let loose” a lot easier when I’m at a show alone. I just had a total epiphany, there.

I don’t know much about My Darkest Days, other than I like the music. But the theme of the night was “casual sex”. And drinking. And smoking weed. They even threw a bunch of condoms into the crowd. Which is weird. I consider myself totally “edgy”, but I never have (and probably never will) had casual sex. What a weird thought. Here’s my metaphor for casual sex: it’s like spinning a wheel and then you have to swap cars with whatever it lands on. And that your odds of getting clunker are really high. Spinning wheels is super fun, but not really worth it in that particular scenario. I’ll keep my current car, thanks. My perspective on life is interesting, I’ve been told.

Made some turkey nuggets:


I actually made a special trip to WalMart after crossfit just to pick up some cilantro because I LOVE this recipe with lots of cilantro. I grabbed some sweet potato chips, chicken thighs, turkey lunch meat, and a package of frozen veggies. I forgot to buy the cilantro. I used dried cilantro but it wasn’t the same 😦



My dipping sauce was excellent, though! Sorry that it’s blurry.

Did you know that calorie-free peanut butter exists?


 I’m too chicken to buy it. It’s probably not paleo anyway.

I’m also including this picture from a local boutique because I want to pin it on pinterest and they don’t have a website. Too bad you can’t pin things straight from facebook…. or would that be obnoxious/weird?


I haven’t talked about crossfit in a while. What’s it been–almost ten days??

I got a new PR on the “jerk”.  I just looked at my old jerk max. It was 155 and I almost died when I did it.  During HOA tryouts, my clean and jerk max was 160. Last night I jerked 170!!! BOOM. I’m pretty much super ecstatic about that. I can remember how hard I tried to get 155 and how frustrating it was. And how I tried to do it again and I couldn’t.. it’s funny how you suddenly can do something you never thought you could…. #handstandpushups #toestobar. lol, hashtags.


2 thoughts on “My Darkest Days

  1. JessMess September 28, 2012 / 1:53 pm

    1. You suck.
    2. Glad you had fun at the show.
    3. You should’ve shared your pic from that night, you looked amazing aka fabulous…wait for it…IN Fayetteville!
    2. I heart/love/respect/adore your perspective on life!
    3. Going to the store for one little thing like cilantro, then forgetting the cilantro…TOTALLY something I would do!! doh
    7. I set a new CF goal for myself last night. I want to deadlift 200, someday. I still haven’t broken the 165PR I did with you that one day, but now I know I will.
    8. I’ve put myself back onto a 3 days on, 1 day off CF schedule. So much easier to stick to a set schedule, even if it rotates.
    32. Yeah, the numbers are all messed up. I kept adding stuff, then just decided to go with it.

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