Twinkle Spiders

I had soft serve in a cup for breakfast:


Just kiddin’. It’s cookies and cream Hexapro with ice and some coconut milk 🙂

I almost got murdered this weekend! It was exciting, but really weird. I was practicing with my adventure race team because we’re going to compete in USARA Nationals in two weeks! (UGH, that is SO soon, and my butt is not used to my bike seat at all.) So anyway, the three of us had been running around through the woods with head lamps and maps and compasses for a while, just working on our navigation and bushwhacking skills. It was about 11:15 at night when we saw headlights coming toward us on a dirt road, so we dove into the trees and hid. Hiding always makes me giggle. I figured it was a park ranger coming to tell us to go home until we got a good look at it, and it wasn’t! It was a truck with blacked out windows driving very slowly. It turned around and drove back by us a couple more times, and shined a flashlight into the woods. Things were getting weird. We kept our headlamps off for the rest of the night.

After not seeing it for a while, we finally emerged from our hidey-place and took off running down the road. It was about 4-5 miles to the car, but we’re all in decent shape–especailly my race buddies. One ran a full ironman and the other one ran half. Sounds like death… Suddenly the truck was in front of us! We hid in the trees again (some how scaling an embankment like it wasn’t even there). The truck was parked about 150 yards away with its flashers on. It hadn’t seen us. Shaun decided he was going to go right up to the truck and tell the guy about our presence…not really sure why. It really sounds like a bad idea now that I’m typing it out. Daniel and I kinda crept out behind him. After several unanswered “Hello!?”s, he came sprinting back towards us. I suggested that we just go right past the truck and stay on the road and GTFO! Which we did. After a few minutes of road-running we looked back and saw a flashlight coming down the hill behind us. Not too long after that, the truck came up the hill. I was too slow/tired to do a very good job of hiding so I found some tall grass to lay in. We were about to get up, but then it turned around and drove back by again. Seriously so weird.

Somehow, we managed to make it back to Shaun’s car without getting murdered. My legs are super scratched up from all the thorns. And I don’t want to think about how many spiders I sat on. Did you know that when you go out in the woods at night with a flashlight that all those sparkly things on the ground aren’t water droplets–they’re spider eyeballs!!! Eeeek. I have tested this theory–bend down and get a good look.

Yup. 8 legs.

I’m obsessed with chicken thighs and curry right now:


On Saturday, I had to wake up after my crazy adventure practice and go to crossfit. The WOD was horrendous. Some cleans and then 3 ROUNDS of Evil Eva. I think Eva is the worst benchmark WOD I’ve ever done. Bleugh. Especially since I was super sick of running at that point. Hey here’s a video of me doing a clean:

I did 125lbs–2 reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. Do you like my new OLY lifters?! I certainly do. I see lots of PR’s in my future 🙂 I used an app called “videopix’ to slow it down and find out that I had an early pull. It’s good to see what you can work on:)

Look how good I slept Saturday night!

20121001-084035.jpgApparently I like to stay at home and sleep instead of having a social life. I was stupid tired, though.

On Sunday, I practiced with my HOA team. They are a bunch of badasses.

I ended up getting a PR on my front squat. Unfortunately it didn’t count towards our score because we needed to do a two-rep max. El oh el.

HOA is going to be super fun:)


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