GORUCK Challenge Custom Fayetteville 2012!

I’m currently drinking tap water out of a coffee mug… I forgot to bring my water bottle with me to work, so that’s how it plays out. I did GORUCK this past weekend! HolyCow.

Almost half of us were crossfitters:

Our team weight is SPC Wood. Jessica and I look a little bit too excited about him…

It was her 30th birthday. How badass is that? It was Bev’s birthday too, which is crazy! Now I have to come up with something equally intense to force them to do on my birthday. You only turn 30 once. She did it right. I’m officially inspired. Hmmm… I’ll figure out it. All I know for now is that it will have nothing to do with sleeping, and everything to do with sweating.

Anytime our cadre said “Find A Pole” we had to do this:

Then we’d do 10 pushups like that. Which for my crap knee was much more desirable than doing squats.

Parking garages look kindof majestic at night…

We bear crawled up that monster and then crab-walked down. It wasn’t that bad, honestly.

Pre-race gear check…

I have WAY more photos coming, but they’re not posted yet. I still don’t even have photos from USARA Nationals… They’re coming. And so is a good, detailed post about our experiences… Here is the only photo I have yet from the daytime part our the challenge:

Jason went to the bathroom by himself, so we had to do canoe pushups till he got back. el oh el.  I’m not sure what’s canoe about it.

Jason was my “battle buddy” but then I got reassigned to Neal, because he was experiencing muscle cramps and was about the same speed as I was. We got to “set the pace” the whole time. I was actually the slowest of all. I wonder if anyone secretly hates me….

So what happened to my knee? Well I was being a team leader, and during my leadership my knee started to ache and grind and have sharp pains. I knew exactly what was going on, but had no idea what to do about it. I was about to cry because I knew that I was effing up HOA (it’s in 11 days)! I knew I had to either lose my bricks or drop out of the challenge completely. I hobbled and limped for a few more miles. Then, when I returned from a bathroom break, my backpack had been emptied of its bricks. Which means 6 of my team members found a way to stuff them in their own packs. I hobbled and limped for the entire remainder of the challenge, but I finished that bad boy.

We got into quite a few ponds and creeks, but I think that the freezing water may have helped keep my knee alive.

We raised  $1149.60! Half of it went to the Green Beret Foundation and the other half went to a family who is adopting two little girls. I think that is pretty freaking awesome.

Should I go get a cortisone injection? I need my knee for the HOA Crossfit Challenge…


2 thoughts on “GORUCK Challenge Custom Fayetteville 2012!

  1. Marlea October 22, 2012 / 11:18 am

    You should ask Brandy about your knee. She’s definitely qualified to give advice after all that she’s been through with her knee issues/surgery.

    • fabulousinfayetteville October 22, 2012 / 11:28 am

      good call! knees are such complex creatures… I really took my knees for granted…

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