First and foremost!Holy cow, it’s Halloween!

Instead of celebrating Halloween with a typical halloween party, on Saturday night I went to Chris’s going away party. He is being deployed to Afghanistan. He’s totally one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met, so I hate that he will be gone for a whole year. His going away party was actually pretty epic. We eventually went to Dickson street and paraded around with the folks in costume (I just wore vampire fangs with my normal clothes). He drank all kinds of shots, and did lots of pushups and told all the random girls about their costumes. “You’re a slutty nurse, you’re a slutty referee, you’r a slutty cave girl, you’re a slutty slut!” Good times all around.

The next day I had breakfast at Village Inn for the first time. One last hurrah before I actually make an attempt to lose a few lbs. Yes, I’m back to that square. They had this hanging on the wall:


Taylor and I have this thing going where we each gave each other $100. Every monday for the next 5 weeks we will weigh in. If we lose weight, then we get $20 back–so we have the opportunity to earn the whole amount back. Unfortunately my starting weight was 2.5lbs lower than it was supposed to be. First official weigh in is next Monday. Then it ends on Nov. 26. I’m going to have to work extra hard…But i’m excited. I’ve been needing a little push. I have this theory that I’ll suddenly become amazing at pull-ups if I can lose about 15 lbs.

So I’m not off to the best start…


Yeah, lots of starchy carbs.


Recipe here. I love acorn squash. And eggs.

I’m doing pretty good with portion control, though. Here’s my strategy: eat reasonable portions. Eat paleo. Eat pro/cho/fat at every meal and snack because I’m way too lazy to count for zone. We will see where I am on Monday… I imagine by week 4 I might end up actually doing zone.

Confession: I signed up for a “box”… but this was a long time ago when I actually had money. Meet: PopSugar Must Have  Box Oct. 2012!

20121030-142306.jpgThat is what my next pedicure is gonna look like. 🙂 It’s so froofy.



These socks are for Barre classes… or wearing around the house. I hate wearing socks by themselves, so I’m waiting to try these if I ever go to a Barre class. I think there is one that’s not far from my house… we’ll see…


I’ve only used these one time, but it made my hair feel super duper soft.



Dylan’s candy bar gummy bears. They’re all gone. I scarfed them down. (It wasn’t really a very big bag… plus I had to eat them before I started my 5 weeks of weight loss).


This candle smells really fantastic. I think you throw the petals away…

Here’s the big ticket item:

It’s a “grown up” book from the author of Harry Potter. I’m pretty pumped! I miss reading.

Use the coupon code REFER5 to get $5 off box! Do it now!!!

Here comes the part where I talk about crossfit. 

I’m going to share the good news before the bad news. The good news is–I did my first games style hand stand pushup!!! I did two of them, actually. A “games style” HSPU, is when you put your hands on a plate and your head on an ab mat. This actually makes your hands higher than your head when you are in the bottom position. Which means you need more torque to get locked out. I seriously made about 18 failed attempts before I finally got it! No one saw me… so I had my own lonesome victory dance. Then I felt like I needed company, so I ran around the box and told people what I’d done. I kind of feel like people were surprised that I’m just now getting one of those. Yeah, I can run and I can lift, but gymnastics things like this are NOT my for-tay. So celebrate with me!!!


And now it’s time for the bad news… I pretty much have to try out again for HOA. They are making me do movements that I have been avoiding tomorrow so I can prove that I’m ready for HOA. I’ll be running and squatting and doing all the things that hurt. So if I’m not gimpy now, I probably will be by Friday. I realllllllllly hope my knee doesn’t get all inflamed tomorrow. I really want to do HOA. I don’t want to let my team down, though. It’s out of my control at this point. I’ve reserved my hotel and paid my entry fee. I had to forfeit the float trip because of my freak accident/anaphylaxis, now I might have to give up HOA too. I freaking miss all the fun stuff! It’s seriously frustrating.


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