Heart of America Crossfit Throwdown 2012

HOA4 is complete!!!

Team Red Bull fought hard and had a blast doing it!

Here is my recap of the whole weekend! It’s all from my perspective, but it’s MY blog so that’s what I do.

Get ready! Are you ready???



(with a slight stomach ache after an onion-rich meal from the paleo wagon)

WOD 1: HOA4 AMRAP Relay (all 6 athletes).

Each male and female of your team will – one at a time – perform as many rounds & reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

5 Overhead Squats, 115lb/75lb…Scaled loads 95/65lb
10 KB Swings, 70lb/55lb…Sca

led loads 55/35lb
15 Double Unders

The WOD is 15 minutes total. One male and one female will be working simultaneously through each 5 minute segment. Every 5 minutes, the next athlete in line will pick up where the previous athlete left off (e.g. if you perform 4 full rounds plus 4 OHS into round 5, the next team member will begin on rep 5 of OHS for round 5). Your Team Score = Total Rounds Completed

The kettlebells were horrible. On my third round, I got no-repped three times in a row because I kept losing control of the freaking thing at the top of the movement. But my torn hip fared well through the overhead squats. I was relieved about that, for sure.

Day 2

HOA4 WOD 2: “3, 2, 1…TOTAL!”

The 6 members of team will be split into 3 pairs TBD by your team. Each pair must include 1 male and 1 female. Each team of 2 will be assigned one of the following lifts to perform and will each have 4 minutes to establish their best lifts:

1. 4 minutes: 3RM Shoulder (front racked) to Overhead Anyway
2. 4 minutes: 2RM Tap & Go Clean
3. 4 minutes: 1RM Snatch

Your entire team will be allowed to help you organize bars, plates, and clamps during each 4 minute segment. You will be given NO RACKS to perform these movements – your teammates must either serve as human racks or you must clean the weight into position by yourself in order to execute the 3RM Shoulder to OH. Both athletes will have their own judges. Both athletes will be allowed to attempt lifts simultaneously. Score = combined total of each athletes best lift/s.

Kara got a three-rep-max jerk of 145, which was great! Then I did the cleans. I got 155 right off the bat. Then I tried for 160 and failed. Then I tried for 160 and got it, then I had two minutes left. So I failed at  two reps (got one, though!) of 165 (my current 1-rep max) and then we loaded the bar up for Amanda who can snatch like a boss.

Great form, right??? lol

WOD3 may have been the hardest 2-and-a-half minutes of my life.

WOD 3 has a 15 Minute time-limit and involves all six team members. Must be performed with male starting, then female, male, female, etc.

For time:

– 90m Prowler Sled Push, (RX Men= 4- 45s & 2- 10s/RX Women = 2- 45s & 2- 10s) (Scaled Men= 2- 45s, 2- 35s / Scaled Women= 2- 45s)

– 12 Burpees

– 15 Thrusters, 105/70lb (Scaled= 85/55lb)

Team Score= total time


For the record. I love pushing prowlers. I’m naturally pretty good at it because I’m super beastly. (I can’t help it…. genetics?) But only if I don’t have to immediately follow it up with some other type of cardio intense exercise…

Whoever invented burpees was just trying to be mean to their personal training clients or something.

These were the 15 absolute most excruciating thrusters I’ve ever thrusted!!! I did ten and then almost died, so I set it down for a sec and then did the last 5. It hurt SO bad, but I felt so good.



HOA WOD 4: HOA Chipper

10 Minute time limit. 4 Team members (2 Male, 2 Female). 2 Men perform WOD for time simultaneous to the 2 women who also perform WOD for time. The male and female athletes who do not participate in this WOD must perform WOD 5:

20 Sandbag Squat Cleans (90/70lb)…Scaled: 70/45lb Sandbag
40 CTB Pull Ups…Scaled: Pull Ups
60 Medball Bearhugger Squat Jumps (25lb/20lb Medball)…Sca

led: 20/14lb Medball
60 DB Push Press (40/25lb)…Scaled: 35/20lb DB
40 KB SDHP (100,70lb)…Scaled: 70/55lb
20 Burpee Box Overs (24/20”)…Scaled: 20/16”

Score= women’s WOD time + men’s WOD time

WOD 5: Rope Climb/ Muscle Ups/ Power Snatch

2 Team Members – 1 Male/1Female; Perform for time (partition the reps however you wish):

3 Rope Ascents, 18ft
30 Bar Muscle Ups
3 Rope Ascents, 18ft
30 Snatches, 145/95lb
3 Rope Ascents, 18ft

Scaled WOD 5:

2 Rope Ascents, 15ft
30 Ring Rows
2 Rope Ascents, 15ft
30 Ring Dips
2 Rope Ascents, 15ft
30 Snatches, 115/75lb
2 Rope Ascents, 15ft

Kara and I can’t do bar muscle ups, so we nomiated Amanda for that role. We took on the 10-minute chipper. Neither of us could string the C2B pull-ups together, so we knocked them out one a time at a pretty decent pace. Our guys finished the whole thing, but we actually came up 5 burpees short. Which only cost our combined total 5 seconds… which we actually probably benefitted from. Not the most sensible scoring system on that WOD–perhaps slightly unfair to the teams whose males and females both finished. I just looked at it, that rule hurt 3 RX teams, but the scaled teams scores were all over the place. I guess maybe the combined total is as fair as they could make it… perhaps they should have added two seconds for every missing rep.

The 70lb kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls were pretty painful.

DAY 3 might have been the funnest WOD I’ve ever done in the history of crossfit.

Paleo Wagon for breakfast:



HOA WOD 6: Final Event

For time (20 minute time limit). You must team must advance through each segment of this WOD TOGETHER – you will not be allowed to begin on any given modality until all 6 of your athletes have traversed the wall and have both feet on the ground:

1. At “3, 2, 1 GO!” your entire team must go up and over the 1st Wall (7ft) with 2 sandbags, 90/70lb (scaled=70/45lb) & 2 Slam Balls, 50/35lb (scaled=40/25lb)

2. Once all athletes and equipment have made it over the 1st wall, with 1 male and 1 female working simultaneously, all 6 athletes each one at a time perform:

30 Sandbag Back Squats, 90/70lb (scaled= 70/45lb)

Then, one at a time (1 male and 1 female will be working simultaneously), everyone performs:

20 Ball Slams, 50/35lb (scaled= 40/25lb)

3. Entire team up and back over 1st Wall WITH equipment.

4. Drop all equipment off at starting line then proceed to move your entire team up and over 1st and 2nd Walls.

5. Once all athletes and have successfully made it over the 2nd wall, with 1 male and 1 female working simultaneously at any given time, all 6 athletes each must perform:

10 Clean & Jerks, 165/105lb (Scaled= 145/85lb)

6. Entire team up and back over BOTH walls to start line then, as a team, accumulate 50 HSPU using 1 abmat and with hands on 35lb plates (Scaled=40 reps HSPU using 2 Abmats and hands on 35lb plates).

7. Finish by going back over 1st wall, 2nd wall, and ultimately finish atop the Brick retaining Wall.

8. Your time stops once you successfully get your ALL of your entire 6 member team atop the final brick retaining wall.

Up and over the wall with all the crap.

I got no-repped a lot on the squats. I’m not sure why, I think maybe my quads were too tight for me to get deep enough.

I have a pretty sweet bruise on my thigh. This post has enough thigh, though, so I will spare you any photos.

The clean and jerks were pretty easy to me. I probably had the longest resting break since I went 3rd every time.

I couldn’t participate in the handstand pushups (which will hopefully change next year) because I don’t have them yet… obviously. I’ve only done two ever, but I’m so slow at them that it made way more sense for the rest of my team to knock them out for me since they’re all badasses. Especially Zach. He was so tall, he got no-repped for his feet not being on the wall. His response was, “I’m too tall for my feet to be able to touch the wall!  ..SIR!”  bwahahaa…

After that, back over the two walls, up the retaining wall…

Aaand FINITO!!!

Team Red Bull finished 22nd out of 40 RX teams at HOA4 🙂

Here’s (almost) the whole crew from my box:

Next year they are limiting the number of teams per box to 4 teams (two RX and two scaled)… which is a shame because we brought 5 RX teams and two scaled. I hope I can compete RX next year. HOA–until we meet again at hOA5!

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