Alright… this post is going to be almost entirely about food. Brace yourself.

Brad came over Monday night since it was a rest day and we cooked: he made everything else, I made PaleOMG paleo sugar coated donuts.


I guess the biggest news about that is that I actually ate BACON. For the first time in almost ten years! The last time I ate it (on purpose) was some time back in 2003. It was weird. It was salty, meaty, and freaking weird. When you eat something that you haven’t had in that long there’s no other word for it. WEIRD.

I got a donut pan. It makes mini donuts, donut holes, AND has a cooling rack. All for about $17 since I had a 20% off coupon. Epic.

The package it came in looks like easy-bake barbie…


20121129-092209.jpgThey turned out pretty darn good.

I ate the steak leftovers the next day and added my spaghetti squash as a side.


Paleo fancy.

My plates have been looking “zone” ish. 40% protein, 40 % carbs, 30% fat? I’m not gonna break out a calculator and try to count it, but I felt like it was a pretty balanced meal most of the time.


Chicken, broccoli, and what was left of my japanese sweet potato. Look at those pretty proportions!

These pictures are totally not in chronological order, but I’m way too lazy to care. TBH, you’re lucky I’m actually adding links to recipes.

 I used turkey bacon, but I used real bacon fat. Weird? Yes I am. My whole apartment still smells like bacon from Monday night. My clothes smell like it too. And I feel like my hair does as well even though I’ve washed it like three times. Maybe some paleo bacon-eating crossfitting manly man will chase me down in favor of being attracted to my bacon-tastic aromas and then obviously he will marry me. LOL. I have issues.

Brad came over again on Tuesday night because I was making PaleOMG Bacon and Chive Sweet Potato Biscuits.


I think they are pretending to be a paleo version of the Red Lobester biscuits. If I was being naughty I would have added cheddar to them.

I paired them with cilantro turkey nuggets.



YUM. Added the sauce and threw in a side of red grapes.

Side note: I actually made weigh-in this week! Barely. But I did it. And I plan to do it again for two more weeks, and then after that EFF losing weight. I might be heavy, but I look pretty good and am pretty dang strong. I think my body is at it’s “happy weight”. It’s not like I eat an unreasonably large amount of food or never ever work out. I have definition in my shoulders and on my stomach, which is good enough for me. If someone thinks I’m fat/ugly/whatever they can suck it.

Other side note:

WOD: 10 65 lb front loaded lunges/1 rope climb; 9 lunges/ 1 rope climb, 8/1, 7/1, 6/1…. 1/1. I did ALL TEN rope climbs. And the last two were pretty shady, but I counted them anyways. I’ve come a long way on rope climbs.

Here’s my rope climbing advice:

  1. Lean back and get a big pull.
  2. Don’t ruin your lifting shoes; wear nanos. They are tough.
  3. Use your legs as much as you can and your arms as little as you have to.
  4. Come down palm over palm with legs locked. DONT SLIDE DOWN.
  5. Use the “I have to pee” foot pinch.
  6. Go quickly. Less time on the rope means less burnout.
  7. Don’t wear gloves. It’s pointless.
  8. Use chalk if your hands are too sweaty.
  9. Shake out the arms in between climbs… for me, taking a little time in between climbs is the difference between failing or not.

I love making lists.

Rope climbs murdered me, but my buns are actually way more sore than my arms ever thought about being. And only 55 total lunges! Sad…


5 thoughts on “BACON

  1. ~jenniferlynn November 29, 2012 / 10:57 am

    YAY for bacon!!! LOVE it.

    Who is this Brad character? And I think I need to edit my recent post on “cuffing” to add: cook lots of bacon so that your pores emit it.. I bet many men would go for that 😉

    And dang.. I love your food posts. I get so lazy and we eat the same things nearly every week. Tons of sweet potato fries. Spaghetti squash. Bunless burgers boring. I have YET to try these nuggets which look amazing, and those bacon biscuits are another must-try.

    • fabulousinfayetteville November 29, 2012 / 11:02 am

      Brad is my crossfit paleo pal. We actually dated like 3 years ago, but we’re better as friends. I think we enjoy each others company 🙂 HAHA do it!!! Oh, bacon. Welcome back into my life.

      Yes time to branch out, add at least one new recipe every week and then you’ll have mad paleo skillz in no time!

  2. ilovefetacheese December 1, 2012 / 9:45 am

    I want to come over and eat with you!!! you little chef! 🙂

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