Salad Frenzy

I have an announcement:


I got a new photo editing app, so I decided to use it to showcase the salad kick I went on:20121211-092249.jpg

if all salads looked like that, then I could pretty much eat them for every meal for the rest of my life without complaining.

I also have had thai/indian curry three times in the past couple of weeks:


No collage. I forgot to take pics of the other two times. Oops.

I made PaleOMG’s sweet potato and spinach egg nests again:20121211-092706.jpg

They are really delicious.

I rode to Ozark, MO this weekend with Nathan, Brad, and Colton. It was a very entertaining car ride. We were going to the Ozark Mountain Shred Fest to watch some Athletes from 540 compete. They were super impressive to watch! I want to be where they are some day 🙂 It was really fun to go cheer for them.


I don’t really know what’s going on with my eye in that photo…

Amy impresses the snot out of me.


Bailey, Sam, Kelly, Trevor and Jerry also brought some A-game that weekend.


After that we went to a place called Mexican Villa and ordered Trevor’s famous burrito. For some reason I was STARVING and I scarfed down the whole thing in like 38 seconds. Everyone was pretty impressed–I was totally embarrassed. I regretted at the time, but the next day I felt fine again. I think now that my body has more muscle mass, it’s harder to suffer from overeating. Plus, the cheese, gluten, and whatever the heck else is in there didn’t make me feel bad at all… unfortunately 🙂 lol it’s harder to avoid naughty food when there are minimal consequences from eating it.


Coincidently, I am also the proud owner of a brand new pair of these:


I went to WOD last night. I am still working on getting my squats back to where they were. Here’s what the WOD was:

3 rounds:

30 bear hugger squats, 25lb plate

10 burpee bar overs

15 push press @ 75lb

rest 2 minutes. Then do 3 MORE ROUNDS!!! Ahhhhh!!! 🙂

I accidentally did 12 burpee bar overs in the first round because I thought it was supposed to be 15. Hardy har. The squats murdered my face. I actually made it through all of the rounds, except by the last round my back was cramping so bad that I had to drop the plate on the last 20 reps. My time was 23:45 which was actually pretty good.  Today I plan on rolling the snot out of my ridiculous back. Tonight we are going for a max back squat, but I am going to play it safe. I might try for 200 or so, but I won’t beat myself up if I can’t get it. I’d rather not be injured, thanks.

Last night I discovered that this is also good with a little hot sauce.


Other news: I failed at the last weigh in, but I think I’ll go ahead and try to do another week. This week is a good week to try because I’m too broke to feed myself anyway. El oh el, Christmas shopping.

I’m on target in the Push-up Challenge. I was ahead, but then yesterday I only got 60, so now I am just struggling to stay afloat. Right at this moment, I have done  1040 for the month of December. I should be at 1100 by the end of the day to still be on target 🙂 Almost halfway there!!!


3 thoughts on “Salad Frenzy

  1. ~jenniferlynn December 11, 2012 / 11:08 am

    SO AWESOME on the push-ups, Lisa!! Super impressed, and I really think I need to start doing at least one a day lol 😉

    Not a huge fan of runny eggs on top of things, but they look yummy anyway. Can you reheat them? I have to make sure my boyfriend is well fed and I always just do fritatta muffins because they’re easy, but with the egg on tops makes them so much prettier!

    • fabulousinfayetteville December 11, 2012 / 11:19 am

      Thanks! My arms feel JACKED. For real. They don’t look different, but I feel like I need to get stretchier sleeves, ha!

      Yeah, I reheat the egg-topped things. I try and cook it long enough to harden up the yolk when I plan on saving it to be reheated. 🙂 works good enough for me!

  2. polkadotrunner December 11, 2012 / 1:41 pm

    Yummy food, cute crossfit boys, big weights!

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