I’m Boring.

I apologize in advance. This post will probably bore you to tears.

So I cooked my first steak (by myself):20121214-135414.jpgI can also make a mean guacamole. Be warned.

I’ve been filling my carb-hungry void with pan fried plantains. Cut up and thrown in there the fastest/messiest way possible.


They still taste good no matter how thick or what shape they are…

Jessica came over Wednesday night. I made that delicious spaghetti quash bake again and we ate that.


We may or may not have followed it up with a lot of sugar. In various forms.


We slept for about 4 hours and then got up and went to crossfit, did skill work, and ate at a place called the Rolling Pin.

I ordered this omelette:



My shins look stupid because we did a bunch of snatches. That night we did EMoM deadlifts and 10 24 inch box jumps for ten minutes. I think I got about 7 rounds. I suck at EMoM WODs lately. The deadlift was suppopsed to be 225. Mine was 215 and my back crapped out. Then we had to do 75 wallballs, 75 Double Unders and 75 more wallballs. It took me exactly the entire 15 minutes. Which sucked. Normally I am the bomb at wallballs, but my back was hurting so bad I couldn’t even believe it. I’m so sick of having back pain. Ughhhh.

This pushup challenge sucks. Seriously. I am barely keeping up with it. My shoulders have been killing me! I told my chiropractor this morning and he told me to row after I do pushups to try and counter the muscles worked. I was told to squeeze my shoulder blades together at the top. I have done exactly 5 pusups today. My grand total for the month is 1405. Almost halfway there :-/

Today I ate this salad:


Let’s be honest. It was accompanied by a huge bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. And an apple. 🙂 Courtesy of Panera.

I’ve been seriously exhausted this week. All day at work I sit here and think about how bad I wanna fall asleep.


If you look at my sleep cycle app, it clearly reflects my horrible new habits. I think working out more is ineffective when you combine it with sleeping a lot less. I was supposed to go to a “Girls Christmas Dinner” tonight. I wish people would schedule these things on Saturday nights instead of Friday night. I’m way too dang tired on Fridays. I don’t see myself having the gumption to try and prettify and go out and spend money on a nice dinner. I think I’ll have a sweatpants night, watch a movie in my iPad, and hit the sack early. Sorry for being boring…

If I could do whatever I wanted for the rest of the world, I would  crossfit, sleep, cook, eat, and wear sweatpants.


2 thoughts on “I’m Boring.

  1. polkadotrunner December 15, 2012 / 6:24 pm

    YOu’re not boring. Sweat pants rock my world. I would live in them 24/7 if I could.
    The video of the pudgy dog falling over literally made me cry I was laughing so hard 😉

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