Chicken pot pies!

These are epicsauce.20121216-235646.jpg

Even the fugly one in the middle turned out ridiculously delicious 🙂 Here is the recipe (almond flour crust). one of the few times I don’t use PaleOMG- ha!

These were actually a teamwork collaboration between me and Brad: he did the filling, I did the crust. Zach came over, to help us eat it and compensated us.

Then I made PaleOMG magical brownie bars.


They really are magical.20121216-235704.jpg

Unfortunately, I am really bad at math, so I gave most of them to Zach.

My sister is FINALLY done with her MBA. We went to Ella’s Restaurant to celebrate. My meal was insanely delicious. Duck. With a ricotta gnocchi with some sort of sweet savory glaze and mushrooms and some green beans. AKA “haricot vert”. Silly Ella.20121216-235710.jpg

For dessert we got the butternut squash cheesecake…20121216-235715.jpg

And a peach/strawberry cobbler with peach sorbet.20121216-235721.jpg

Here is my cobb salad from Panera. I freaking LOVE avocados.20121216-235728.jpg

Yesterday I discovered that my Walmart sells GRASS FED BEEF! OMG I was SO excited!!! Yeah, it costs quite a bit more, but It’s a little cheaper and a LOT more convenient that shopping at Ozark Natural Foods. I plan on buying a lot of it so that they decide there’s a good market for it and keep it around. Lot’s of steaks and cauliflower mashed potatoes (and abs?) in my future 🙂20121216-235733.jpg

It was literally three times the price of regular steak…. such is life.

Guess what else I did this weekend?! I auditioned to be on Bear Grylls’ new NBC reality show. None of the people I knew who auditioned got a callback, though 😦 It’s cool, I plan on making a kickass video or two (one with Brad, one with Jessica) and sending that in. Making those videos will be fun.


We waited in line for about 3 hours. I was originally planning to just audition with Jessica, but she couldn’t make the drive that day so I submitted an application and re-auditioned with Brad. We auditioned as “exes”. That could potentially make for some quite interesting TV. Though, I think the casting people weren’t very impressed when they found out we had only dated for about 5 months. Brad auditioned as “best friends” with his friend Zach (different from my zach) and “exes” with me, so we all three went in there together at the same time. Which was kinda weird, but it worked. Sadly, no callbacks…

Aside from the good food and the audition, this week has been somewhat depressing.


The whole elementary school shooting thing really makes me sick. I hate to even think about it. It’s easier just not to talk about that kind of stuff because it’s hard to face reality. Horrible people exist on this planet and there’s just really not a whole lot you can do about it.

Then I backed into a pole in the FedEx parking lot when I went to return my PV Body package.  The back door of my car is bowed in and jammed shut. It wouldn’t start this morning… I got a ride from my dad.

Speaking of PV Body, I’ve gotten two orders from them and they sent me the same pants twice. And the tops they sent me were way too small. Apparently in the brand “NUX” I do NOT wear a medium. But I’ve heard they are changing up their site in the near future to make the products a little more selective instead of being completely random. I’d do it again if I could make sure that I got lululemon on the cheap! We’ll see.. I’m also still waiting on them to ship me gift cards that I was promised…

Oh one more thing—I’m over halfway through the push-up challenge!!!! I’m so HAPPY! I’m SO sick of doing pushups! My traps and triceps are becoming kind of enormous. I have to say–I don’t really like the way my traps look, but I am excited about being stronger. I jerked 175 a couple of days ago. I tried 180, and I think I’ll get it once I can fine-tune my form a little better.

Another small victory–I strung 6 pullups together during a WOD. I’ve done 5 many times. I know, I’ve been in crossfit for almost a year and I’m just now doing that. It’s fine. Little victories. I also did a hand stand for about 2 seconds. I’m doing to be a good crossfit gymnast one of these days, dangit!!! I think I am getting really close to having a bar muscle up.


2 thoughts on “Chicken pot pies!

  1. ~jenniferlynn December 17, 2012 / 12:51 pm

    You have so much going on..

    Okay.. Chicken pot pies – on my meal plan for the week now. AND, I’m finally trying those spaghetti squash bites that you entice me with all the time. We make “spaghetti” quite frequently with the squash, but trying the fancy PaleOmg way today.

    And how freaking awesome to have a chance to be on TV? I’d DVR it if you were. 🙂

    Idk about PVBody.. I LOVE the whole idea of it, and got in when there was a good deal going on, but I got mine; shirt is cute, pants are tiny, but would be cute on a yoga-body, not a booty-licious body. I emailed them twice about my free t-shirt I was supposed to get, and once about the Lulu gift card.. who knows if we’ll get it. I know they’re overwhelmed and all, but still you need to prepare for these things!

    AEWSOME job on the push-ups! I’m thinking of doing my own push-up challenge next month. NOT like yours.. but more tolerable for my lanky arms. 😉

    and even more AWESOME job on the pull-ups! Heck yeah, girl!!

    • fabulousinfayetteville December 17, 2012 / 2:41 pm

      My chances might be pretty slim, but it’s cool. I still plan on making a good video to send in 🙂

      i heard that PV Body is going to change their methods so i’m trying to keep my subsciption but leave it “inactive” so i can be locked into the lower price till I see how their new methods are. it’s supposed to be more of a “build your own box” kind of thing. They are getting better about their customer service. at least they are actually emailing me back. Best way to get in touch is via their facebook page!

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