Happy Mayan Calendar Doomsday!


So the world didn’t end. I’m actually kind of disappointed. Would have been a pretty awesome way to die. Is that morbid and creepy? Ohwell.

I used a sparkly green lush bath bomb. It was the prettiest one I’ve used EVER, but the smell was really boring.


I meant to go to sleep after that, but I got all distracted. I suck at sleeping this week. BUT I did go running with my early morning Wednesday group and actually made it the whole 5 miles! The last several weeks I’ve only been doing 4. For some reason that was the magic number before I’d crap out, but now I have a promising future thanks to my knee who is finally starting to calm down.

I am the world’s clumsiest crossfitter. I’ve been crossfitting for almost a year and I still regularly scrape the bejeezus out of my shins.20121221-114152.jpg

So gross.


I think I just ruined my chances of ever finding a boyfriend tricking some poor guy into dating me.

Speaking of crossfit–A pictiure of me was posted on my box’s blog the other day!!!


Here’s a better view of it.


Did I mention that Angie is my least favorite workout ever? Figures. Also, push-ups are my least favorite movement ever. Right next to pull ups.

I did hand-release style pushups for this WOD because I wanted them to count towards my “exercise of the month club” reps. I am currently at 2,005.  I am still  currently “on schedule”. Only 1,095 more and I’ll be finished!!! Barf. My traps are enormous. Anyways, I am not even going to tell you how long that took me. Okay, fine. The pullups took about 12 minutes and the push-ups took another 15. I did the squats and the situps basically unbroken, but I was still the last person in my whole gym to finish that thing. I can’t even DO that workout without being SUPER duper pissed off the whole time. I was cursing and crying and sweating and hating my life.

Let’s talk food, shall we?


I can’t stop making that spaghettis squash bake. It’s so freaking good and it lasts for 4-6 meals, depending on how starving you are.

This is my grass-fed steak:


It’s a little bit rare, but I don’t care. I ate it anyway.

Brad came over again last night and we made “epic breakfast”.


He pretty much made everything except the french toast. Which turned out looking like turds.


But it tasted pretty epic anyways. I went to get the loaf out of the pan when I discovered that the middle was still soupy. How did I discover that, you ask? Oh, I dumped it all over the kitchen. Isn’t that how everyone checks to see if their bread is done?


Whatever. We exchanged christmas goodies. One of the things he gave me:


Freaking delicious on eggs. We used it during epic breakfast.

Oh, PS–still no callbacks from Bear Grylls casting. I’m not really too excited about submitting a video at this point. It’s a lot of trouble.


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