Merry Christmas!!!

Lots of things to be happy about!!! I went to Ft. Smith to visit Jessica and WOD with her at Crossfit 413.


I almost peed my pants in excitement when I saw that their WOD was the 12 days of Christmas! Team-style!!! We divvied it up nicely: she did all the box jumps, and I did all the clean and jerks and pull-ups and ring pushups. They had us do the whole WOD forwards and backwards. Essentially we did a bazillion of each movement. My hands still look like poo. I did all but 5 of the pull-ups and all but 12 of the toes to bar. We actually finished that monster!!!! Our time was approximately 53:04. That is a LONG time to be WODing. Just saying.


I’m glad that was blurry because I had chalk all over my face 🙂 Then we went and had sushi:



It was delicious. We walked the mall after that and then were about to pass out so we went and took naps on her couches. It was a pretty high quality visit. I’m excited to go back again soon! I should probably be polite and buy a 413 shirt next time. Heh.

I did the unthinkable.


I ate pizza.

I also at a whole lot of other stuff that you’re not supposed to eat.


I made these donuts Christmas morning:


They were a big hit, but everything about them was anti-paleo. Except they had an egg in there. Eggs are cool.

Christmas dinner:


This Christmas was particularly quiet and lazy. No extended family, just mom, dad, sis, and brother in law. I liked it, though. The stress levels were very low. And I took a super hardcore long nap in the middle of the day. That is always a win.20121226-113302.jpg

OH and I finally found plantain chips at my regular walmart!


The only thing I’m really bah-humbug about is the fact that all anyone would talk about for the past week on facebook was all this snow we were supposed to get on Christmas. We didn’t get a single flake 😦


I got lots of awesome christmas presents:

  • smartwool socks
  • lulu gift cards
  • new knife set!!!
  • blu ray player
  • lots of chocolate.

I actually don’t even feel fat from all that laziness. I managed not to gain any weight… it’s a Christmas miracle!!!

But just to be safe, I’m starting a Whole 30 on January 2nd. I’ve never done one before… Who’s with me?!?


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!!

  1. JessMess December 26, 2012 / 11:19 pm

    I’m in!

  2. JessMess December 26, 2012 / 11:20 pm

    Every day of Christmas that I’ve eaten sugar, it’s been followed with a several hour long coma nap.

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