Little Rock NYE

What?? I have a blog?! Holycrap, I forgot.

Happy New Year, I’ve been busy…. I spent my new year’s even in Little Rock with my college roomies. Those girls are awesome. They made great company for me while I binge-ate tons of junk to prepare myself for the whole30 that I have started today. That was a stupid strategy…. Enjoy some photography:


Black Rock Bottom cupcakes at Cupakes on Kavanaugh.

Brandy and I made chocolate pound cake cupcakes with salted carmel cream cheese frosting. I’m pretty sure I singlehandedly ate at least 7 of them.



We also made cranberry salsa, stuffed mushrooms, and bought a frozen baked brie.


We ate at lots of places. One was a burger joint in the new outdoor mall on Chenal called Big Orange.


Mine was a truffle oil burger with arugula and some sort of  fancy cheese I forgot the name of. Those sweet potato waffle fries come with curry mango ketchup. Just sayin’.

For dessert we split a white chocolate pistachio shake. So now I have muffin tops. I can’t help it.


In light of the WHOLE30 I’m about to begin, here was my last meal:


And for some reason I sat at home by myself and chugged the whole bottle. That sounds really depressing…

At least I’m stocked up on eggs…


GOOD NEWS: I FINISHED THAT STUPID PUSHUP CHALLENGE!!! And I even managed to finish it a couple days early so that I didn’t have to do it in Little Rock.

I went with Trip to Crossfit Little Rock on New Year’s Eve and we did this WOD:

Increasing thrusters 1-10 with 1 round of Cindy between. So it goes:

1 thruster, 1 round of Cindy.

2 thrusters, 1 round of Cindy.

3 thrusters, 1 round of Cindy.

etc. all the way to 10 thrusters.

I did some of the Cindy rounds unbroken (A round of Cindy is 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats) I was SHOCKED by how much easier the pushups are.The whole thing took me 19:32. Now if only I could learn to feel that way about hand stand push-ups, pull ups, ring dips, and right-legged pistols. I can do left legged pistols all day, but the right leg? Forget it!

As I mentioned earlier, I am starting a whole30 today. I haven’t actually had time to sit down and plan yet, but I have every intention of being highly successful. I’m going to take a before picture tonight. Do I have the balls to share that on this blog? I’m not sure… depends on how gross it is. I just ate two clementines and some roasted unsalted almonds. Breakfast of champions? I doubt it. I need to get better at breakfast.

What are your goals this year??? Here are some of mine:

  • learn to do pistols on BOTH legs
  • string 15+ pullups together
  • Do a bar muscle up
  • Do a ring muscle up, actually.
  • Snatch 140#
  • Place in the top 3 at Raid the Rock
  • Make my apartment cute
  • Save more money
  • Do hand stand pushups RX (no mat!)

2 thoughts on “Little Rock NYE

  1. ~jenniferlynn January 2, 2013 / 1:06 pm

    Great post, chica! Love the goals!
    I’m doing a push-up challenge this month! 🙂 But NOTHING like yours. It’s that 100pushups app.. they have a website with the info on there for free, too.. but the “level 1” goal is to get up to 60 consecutive push-ups in 6 weeks.
    My arms are SPENT from WODding (?) this week (200 total push presses yesterday.. ahhhhh), so I don’t want to think about push-ups, but it will be good for me, I know!
    SOOO admirable that you’re doing a Whole30.. you eat pretty good anyway, so I’m sure it won’t be too difficult, but looking forward to reading about your progress!

    • fabulousinfayetteville January 2, 2013 / 1:40 pm

      push up challenges are amazing! I feel so much stronger, it’s awesome!!!! i wanna do more challenges like that to get stronger at everything! (push ups are just easy because you can do them almost anywhere). Good luck!!!

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