Fat Wanda

Let’s be honest. Fatness is WAY cuter in cats than it is on humans.20130110-095743.jpg

Remember Wanda? She has been making some appearances recently and I almost didn’t recognize her! I was looking at my phone when I unlocked my apartment after work the other day. When I shut the door behind me I looked up from my phone and BLAM. There’s a cat walking around my living room. I’m starting to think this thing is a ninja con artist. It’s really kindof impressive how stealthy she is. When I saw how fat she was, I thought “Holy cow she’s gonna have kittens!” Maybe…. but after seeing her again last night, I’m pretty sure she is just the result of someone leaving their cat’s food bowl outside.

I later saw a small black cat trying to eat whatever leftover scraps it could get from this bowl:20130110-095749.jpg

Jeez Wanda!!! You ned to learn some portion control.

Anywho. Today is day 9 of my first Whole30. I ordered a new cookbook as a present for myself for being awesome. Unfortunately, now I have no money till I get paid next Tuesday… Erm, at least I have lots of leftovers to tide me over ’till then. I’m ridiculously excited about this cook book. The only recipe that isn’t whole30 approved is the one for this baked peach cobbler a-la almond flour. I have every intention of creating every single recipe in this entire cookbook. Even though the whole30 is making me sick of cooking…. Well, mainly sick of cleaning the kitchen. Which is why it looks like poop right now… sorry. #Single girl who lives alone problems.


I definitely see this pale-tastic sushi in my future. Like, as soon as humanly possible.20130110-095824.jpg

I also intend to make a huge batch of this. I LOVE pesto. I eat it on meat, eggs, vegetables… pretty much anything that you might put salt on.


I’ll even share the recipe so you can make it too:


Just blend them together and enjoy.

I haven’t been having to think or cook much lately because I have been living over leftovers–mainly this stuff:



Red onions make me cry. Yellow ones can be hit or miss, but red never fail.


I know it’s only day 9, but I am dying to start feeling different. I wanna feel like I just drank unicorn blood, rode a dolphin, and met Elvis at the same time. But I just feel like the plain old me.

I still want naps all day. I still get stomach gurglies. I still feel like I’m dying during crossfit WODs. I still have inflammation in my left hip…

Speaking of which, I am DETERMINED to get pistols on my right leg. They are plain EASY on my left leg–I can do several in a row on that side in the time it takes to do one scaled pistol on my right side. UGH. I invented a new way to practice them though. You go next to a rope (or a wall might work) and do one legged squats on your gimpy leg using the rope to help you up. Then keep doing it till you have to use the rope less and less. Repeat EVERYFREAKINGDAY. I should be a trainer.


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