Whole30 Day 20

Wow. I suck a little bit at updating this thing.

Yes, I’m going to start gushing about the whole30. LOOK AT MY SKIN! WTF, It’s CLEAR!!!


Aside from chapped lips, my whole persona is doing pretty freaking well on this crazy whole30. I’m really glad I am doing it but I kinda can’t wait to have chocolate. My theory is that dairy is the main culprit of my skin woes because chocolate is too awesome to be responsible for that, right?

Here are some of my meals from the past two weeks…20130117-232250.jpg

(Green beans are ok, more pod that pea.)20130117-232257.jpg

Berries on almond butter.20130117-232302.jpg

Burger patty toppe with guacamole, plantains, and a sweet potato with GHEEEEEE. (You have to say it like “wheeeee!”).

This might be my go-to meal:


Steak. Onions. Guac. This meal always makes me full and happy and tastes awesome. I just always have to floss for 15 years ever time I consume steak. Whatever. Worth it.

Here’s a new PaleOMG recipe–


Rutabaga egg nests. I really have a tendency to make all of her eggy/squashy recipes. They’re so “paleo-comfort food” to me. Allow me to list a bunch of them.

  1. Spinach Sweet Poato Egg Nests
  2. 5-ingredient Acron Squash Bake
  3. Blueberry Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Actually that’s all I can think of.

This is a breakfast of champions:20130117-232418.jpg

I’m actually still really bad at eating breakfast. It usually consists of a banana with almond butter and either some bacon, sausage or, if I took time to plan, hard boiled eggs.

Here’s another “sit-down” breakfast that I managed to whip up:20130117-232432.jpg


And teaaaaaaaaa…. doesn’t really work as well with that word, does it?20130117-232502.jpg

I made the carmelized coconut chips from Well Fed.20130117-232518.jpg

I’m definitely been topping fruit with them. My crumblies are too small to really work as snacky-chips, though.

Here’s to beetnik foods, who saved my butt a few weeks ago with their half-price deal on their “perfectly paleo tasting menu”.20130117-232536.jpg

I also made paleo sushi from Well Fed:


Well, actually Brad came over and we both rolled some tasty rolls. We also made dessert and watched the movie Ted (which is pretty hilarious!). I can’t have shrimp because of my bizzare shellfish allergy, but we used smoked salmon and bacon to make some pretty fun rolls. I  highly recommend this to any sushi-lovers who happen to be doing the whole30. I didn’t miss the rice at all.

 Ok now it’s story time.

For “dessert” we decided to whip up some berries and cream from Well Fed. I set up my gigantic mixer that has been passed down from my grandparents. This thing is like a super industrial gigantic heavy duty kitchen aid mixer with a 500 horsepower motor inside. (I made that up, but I would definitely argue that point with someone.) So, I put the coconut cream in there and started whipping it up on high with the whisk attachment.

Brad was slicing strawberries or something and I decided to see if I could find my vanilla extract in the pantry and see if it had alcohol in it (which isn’t allowed on the whole30, but I wanted to check it just in case). I leaned across the counter a bit to get a better look in my cabinet when suddenly I was jerked backwards at 90 miles per hour! I screamed. HOLYCRAP! Something was pulling my hair HARD.  My head slammed into the mixer, and I knew exactly what was happening. I was too shocked to do anything about it. Thank GOD Brad was there to unplug the damn thing and get my hair out of the whisk attachment.

I realllllly thought that my scalp had been ripped away form my skull. I actually laughed while he was untangling my hair, because the situation is really kindof hilarious. Uusually that type of thing happens to little kids, not 26-year old women.

When I was finally free, and we realized my hair was still attached to my head and that I wasn’t dying, we decided to proceed with dessert. well, actually, I held an icepack on my head and Brad finished the dessert. It looks good, though, right:


I appreciated the comfort food after being so traumatized. My head still hurts and it’s been two days… I still have some swelling on my scalp and I keep getting some tingling sensations on my head. WTF. My life has lots of weird parts in it.


4 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 20

  1. Marlea January 21, 2013 / 10:45 am

    That would only happen to you, Lisa! LOL
    Hope your head starts to feel better really soon.

    • fabulousinfayetteville January 21, 2013 / 11:03 am

      Haha thanks!! Too bad they don’t make a “sorry your hair got ripped out by a kitchen appliance” card 🙂

  2. polkadotrunner January 22, 2013 / 1:45 pm

    OMG!!! You and your crazy long curls! Glad you’re ok!

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