Whole30 Day 30!!!

Oh my gosh. I really can’t believe it’s almost over. I don’t want it to be over. I’m not ready for food freedom. I really don’t feel like I look much different. I haven’t weighed myself, but I am 99.99% sure that my weight has not changed during the W30. I’m thinking about having a couple of treats and then jumping back on the wagon and cutting back on fruit this time.

Obviously my body needs a much harder push to get a physical response than most people. Which is fair. No it’s not. I honestly haven’t been sitting around feeling deprived much, so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to dig a little deeper.

In light of the upcoming SuperBowl, made a superbowl-esque treat for myself this week: PaleOMG 

Avocado Chorizo Sweet Potato Skins

Woah! Did you know I can change my font? I didn’t.


Anywho, they were delicious. I highly recommend.

I also had a kitchen disaster… this happened last night. I was making the Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat from the Well Fed cookbook.


You can’t really tell in this photo, but the outside is charred and the inside is practically raw. *shudder* I ate it anyways and I didn’t die… This isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. Lesson learned: don’t try to pretend your skillet is a grill. Because it isn’t.

First you make this super sexy looking “brine” to soak the chicken:20130131-115421.jpg

Wait two hours while the chicken has a nice long bath.

Then you throw together the spices in a bowl and mix them up before adding melted coconut oil.


Coat the chicken with the mixture, and add it to a hot “grill” and close the lid. 4 minutes on each side.OR you can do what I did and practically burn down your apartment because you turned your skillet* up to “high” and slapped a cookie sheet on top.

**Don’t ever put your skillet on high… unless you’re boiling water.


Once I finished coughing on the porch, I came back inside to this:20130131-115447.jpg

Yep. I should stick to more meals like this:20130131-115514.jpg

Except I burned my plantains too.

There’s always W30 takeout…20130131-115523.jpgA lil’ guacamole sacrifice.

I PR’ed my back squat again…. got 255 and an achey hip.

I think I might post my before/after pics on here. We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 30!!!

  1. Melissa Joulwan (@melicious11) January 31, 2013 / 12:33 pm

    Sorry about your kitchen fiasco! If you want to make the Best Chicken Ever without grill, you can roast it in the oven (350F for about 30 minutes) or cook it on the stovetop on MEDIUM heat to brown the outside, then turn the heat to low, and cover. That takes about 10-15 minutes after the chicken is browned. Good luck to you next time!

    • fabulousinfayetteville January 31, 2013 / 1:50 pm

      THANKS! I should have researched that before I used the “trial and error” method 🙂 I usually poach, stir fry, bake, and slow cook chicken. The skillet was a whole new animal 🙂 I will make this again soon to give it another chance because it was even amazing regardless of the burnt-ness.

  2. ~jenniferlynn February 1, 2013 / 7:24 pm

    Congrats!!! I knew you’d easily make it the 30 days since you were about 90% there anyway, but glad it all worked out awesome. And don’t stop posting delicious foods. Thanks.
    Oh.. and check out this post – thought of you but I couldn’t tag you on my FB fan page..

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