Short Ribs



PS, BTW This is my 200th post!!!!

Food makes me ridiculously happy. Brad made Nom Nom Paleo Korean Short Ribs and they were magically delicious.


20130211-135450.jpgI don’t know how to take a picture, but this whole meal was epic.

Cauliflower mashed potatoes, salad, and PaleOMG chai sweet potato muffins.


These muffins are deceptively moist and delicious. They just look all “bran-muffin-esque” but they’re totally soft and sweet and awesome. They taste fantastic cold, too. UGH food is awesome. I freaking love it!!!! I will always be a fat kid at heart.

One last thing I wanna share is my attempt at PB&J Pancakes.


They fell apart like crazy. I used strawberries instead of cherries because that’s what I happened to have in the fridge. They were good but didn’t really make enough food to fill up two hungry crossfitters, so we had to scramble up some eggs on the side.

Speaking of crossfit, they are having a “Couples WOD” on Thursday night for Valentine’s day! Ha! I totally plan to blog that one. Funny— a couple weeks ago, I would have been pissed off about it. Single’s awareness day prevails.



Yesterday we did the “12.5” WOD from last year’s CrossFit Games Open. This is what it was:

12 Min AMRAP:

150 Wall Balls (YES, Karen is part of this WOD!)

90 Double Unders

As many muscle ups as possible with remaining time

I managed to get through all the Wall Balls (7:52) and Double Unders (10:00). I even had TWO solid minutes left over to work on the muscle ups, but I clearly don’t have a muscle up. So instead, I had to go over to the bar and hook up a purple band and start trying to get a MU with that. I even failed on my first attempt, but I ended up getting 4 of them. I was pleased with that. Getting a little bit better every day! I don’t want to see ring muscle ups in the open. Or Wall Balls either, frankly.  Or BURPEES!!! Ewwwwww.

When I did that same workout last year, I got through everything but I couldn’t do double unders so I did singles instead.  Then I did strict pullups (on a band). It’s nice to see how far I’ve come!


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