Hot Yoga!

I tried hot yoga!!! I went to hot yoga finally at Crossfit Commence. It was a 60 minute vinyasa class around 100 degrees, which was perfect for me since I was a first-timer. I’ve done a bit of vinyasa yoga in the past, so I wasn’t completely lost or anything. It was a good workout and I’m definitely eager to do it again!

Before I went, I stopped at TJ Maxx and grabbed this towel for me and a mat for Brad since he didn’t have one.


And I was totally late–woops. It was really crowded, but I think that makes it kinda fun. I will definitely be doing it more often. The heated aspect of it really helped me get deeper into the stretches, but it made me slippery when I tried to put my foot on my thigh. I didn’t want to leave the room once it was over. It was like getting out of the shower on a winter day. Brrrrr! I would totally live in my shower if it was equipped with a fridge and a waterproof computer. I should definitely go invent that right now.

After hot yoga, Brad and I threw together this paleo-tastic dinner:


It’s got that super delicious spice market kale in it. And GHEEEEE!  YUM. I could eat that every day. I would eat it in my shower while typing on my waterproof computer.

Here’s what else got made that night:

My back feels like it’s dying.

20130213-094456.jpgLast night’s crossfit WOD started with 12-10-8 heavy back squats before the met con.

We were supposed to go at 70-85%–which is a LOT now that I got 255 as my max. Holy crapballs. It was HEAVY.

I did 12 at 190lbs, 10 at 200, and then 8 at 200 because I was DYING. to death. Dying to death.

The met con was:

4 rounds:

4 power cleans @125 for ladies

8 box jumps (24 inches)

12 C2B (chest-to-bar) pull ups

It took me 9:37. I hate chest to bar pull-ups and I am quite bad at them. I attempted a bar muscle-up and couldn’t even get it with the blue band afterwards. Ick.

PaleOMG’s go-to meal is pretty much my current go-to meal as well lately.20130213-094518.jpg

You would go-to it, too.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day!!! I actually have plans! They involve all of my favorite things: sweating, cooking, and eating and CHOCOLATE. Wheeeeeeee!


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