I have a tendency to make blog drafts and then forget about them.


The internet is full of gems.


Do you need a laugh today? Watch this— but don’t do it at work because you will probably end up creeping out your coworkers when you burst out in laughter.


I have seriously watched that video upwards of 50 times and it hasn’t gotten old. My favorites are 0:22 and 1:14. Pretty much all the ones that sound like crazy lunatics. And the one at the end is pretty awesome as well. I particularly like the fact that there is a german shepard in the background being like “huh?? why??”.

I got to eat sushi at Meiji for lunch last Friday.20130218-123209.jpg

I also got to have green tea tiramisu. They had at a lot of Valentine’s specials going on, which is always awesomesauce.


I really need to get back on the whole30 wagon. It’s just hard to say no and have self discipline when you’ve done it so hardcore for 30 days. I still eat whole30 approved meals but then I’ll have ice cream. I had mexican food twice and don’t think I skipped out on chips/cheese/beans because I didn’t! But the Box Off this this weekend, so I gotta clean up my game! See the workouts for it posted here. I have an awesome team, so I’m pretty sure we will rock it.


Made PaleOMG 5-ingredient acorn squash bake last night with Brad.20130219-101952.jpg

And Well Fed baked apples for dessert. It serves 4, but we divided it by two 🙂20130219-101957.jpgOMnomnom that was delicious!!!

Oh, and hot yoga is on the menu tonight! Wheeee! I loved it last time, so I’m happy to go again 🙂 But I also really need to do laundry, prep food, and get some quality sleep. It’s hard to do ALL of that these days. But I don’t really mind.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Goats

  1. Marlea February 19, 2013 / 11:00 am

    Where’s the video link?

    • Marlea February 19, 2013 / 11:01 am

      Never mind. I’m not stupid, but it seriously didn’t show up until I refreshed my page.

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