Yeah, I know. I said that I wasn’t going to attempt 13.1 again. But Taylor was doing it at Crossfit Born Again, and I knew it would be the only chance I would have to do it a second time so I sucked it up and did it. And got 4 more reps!20130311-092808.jpg

When I got the the 100lb snatches, I actually had quite a bit of time left. But my form was horrible.  I failed about three times, but I still ended up improving enough to go ahead and take it. The bars at Crossfit Born Again were weird. They only weighed 15lbs, which was super awkward.

For some reason I kept slamming it into the tops of my knees:20130311-092817.jpg

Oh well. 13.1 is officially over!!!! Please, 13.2, you better suck less!

So… I am starting a second Whole30. I feel like this time I am gonna go more by my own rules and not by the rulebook rules. I am not going to obsessively weigh myself, but I am not going to hide my scale either (that resulted in overconsumption of almond butter and a weight gain of 7lbs). AND I am going to eat frozen bananas if I want.


I might even blend it with some cocoa powder.

I mostly made naughty food decisions this week because I plan to be really good over the next 30 days. Here are some of my eats this week:

PaleOMG rutabaga egg nests:


Sushi at Meiji–spicy crab salad. Some roll with too much jalapeño in it.



Jason’s Deli croissant (yes, i refused to get a salad! lol)


Panera Bread cobb salad:

I went to Tulsa to see Ashley! We went to the Hard Rock Casino, spent too much on drinks, and got hardly any sleep. It was good catching up, but we didn’t spent much time together. She had a lot of family stuff to do because she was in town for her grandmother’s funeral.


Bathroom pics are always good.
20130311-093644.jpgAt least I won’t want to consume any alcohol for a long time.

I accidentally left my favorite lululemon still pants in the hotel room. Poopoo.


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