Don’t microwave coconut cream!

Don’t ever put your jar of coconut cream in the microwave! Ever! Even if Juli from PaleOMG says it’s okay in her Again Faster cooking video. And that she did it to get hers to be all gooey and soft because–unless you are a wizard–it is going to burn. But it will burn secretly on the inside and remain hard and solid so that you don’t know what’s really happening.

And it won’t just kind of burn. It will turn black and make your entire apartment smell horrible. But don’t worry, if you jar was pretty full then you can scrape around and pick out the good parts and salvage them for your recipe…


I would highly recommend throwing the rest in the trash. Sorry, it’s expensive. But next time you should just figure out what a “double boiler” is and do that.

Anyways, yeah. I was making the no bake sticky berry bars from PaleOMG:


This was before I popped them in the fridge. I let them sit in there overnight and today they actually look pretty firm now. I’m planning on eating them tonight!

I’ve been eating weird lately. (Don’t worry there were two patties there but I ate one while my potato was cooking)


No vegetables? Easy fix:


Hah, this powder is actually super gross. Tastes like how pond scum tastes. (I would know, I am GoRuck Tough.) I cheat and add stevia to it so make it MUCH more paletable. Palletable. Palatable.  The last one didn’t get underlined in red, so we’re going with that. Palatable.

I made a new friend on my way to work this morning:


His name is Sir Sebastian Fernando Higgenbottom IV.

el oh el. it looks like I live in the sticks. I totally live in the middle of town.

I need to write about crossfit. I haven’t done that in a while…

I PR’ed my back squat because he made us max out every day for like three weeks straight. My max went from 255 to 275. Which also happens to be my deadlift max. So I’ll take it. I tried to get a new jerk max… I had 185 on it’s way, but I messed it up. Still stuck at 180. I have shady technique. I am literally scared of jerks. I stick my head through but I do it late. I like to float the bar path out away from me and then up. Which is annoying. I’ll get it eventually, though.


I have yet to stick another bar muscle up. I will be doing a bunch of them today. The purple band is my weapon of choice.

We 3 sets of 20 pistols on Wednesday and my butt is completely killing me today. And I am still working on my intense battle against ring dips. Dan (who is awesome) told me to go watch this video from Again Faster:

What?! Two Again Faster videos in ONE blog post??? I don’t know why…. anyhooo–I’ve been doing it wrong. And by the end of Tuesday’s workout, I was too tired to try to do it right! lol but SOON I will get it. Soooooon. I like o’s. Oooooo.


2 thoughts on “Don’t microwave coconut cream!

  1. njpaleo April 26, 2013 / 5:29 pm

    I hate ring dips. Wow, you are super-strong! 275 lb back squat? That’s BA. That duck is soooo cute! And I love his name! BTW “sticks” can be deceiving….I live 20 minutes away from Manhattan and see deer, foxes, raccoons, on a daily basis…even a coyote now and then! I should name them….

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