Bacon Sammies!



You’re welcome.

Nom nom paleo bacon & guacamole sandwiches. The best opener I could possibly use for this blog entry.20130516-102151.jpg

So yeah. Brad and I went to Justin and Alison’s place for dinner last night and we brought those naughty sammiches as an appetizer… Only it ended up being more of a dessert, haha! Originally we were planning to cook for them because we felt bad for Justin with his swollen foot (It’s massive–he got bit by a copperhead snake while he was mowing the yard last weekend) but it worked out better for us not to take over their kitchen. Alison made us fish with stuffed mushrooms and asparagus. It was scrumptious:


Today is day 2 of the quasi-whole30 that I am doing with Taylor. I definitely am not being as hardcore this time as I was during my first whole30. It’s more like a “partial paleo” than a whole 30. I’m not letting it interfere with social events. Brad’s birthday is this weekend and I completely plan on eating terrible things.

Guess what else is this weekend?! Warrior Dash. A mud run with warm weather and TONS of awesome friends?! I’m so freaking excited!!!

He made me those ridiculously delicious short ribs again:


WIth an enormous veggie stir fry that probably should have lasted longer than it did. He’s good at those. I need to make those more often so that I can use it as side dishes all week. Veggies become 100 times more delicious when they Β  cuddle with each other in the same skillet for a while. Makes sense. The next day I picked up some rotisserie chicken at walmart. I pretended it was whole 30 but I’m pretty sure I read that it was carrageenan. And probably nitrates and sugar and everything else that isn’t allowed for whole 30. There is nothing convenient about a whole 3o unless maybe you area high roller in a big city or something.


Let’s talk lulu!

First if you want a chuckle you can watch this video of me wearing my new lulu outfit and attempting a ring muscle up:

I am wearing new speed shorts with a new cool racerback.

Woah, I just accidentally crated a “gallery”. I updated wordpress yesterday and now it does new little tricks that I didn’t know it could do! Sweeet! Anyways yes, those are the three things I recently purchased with all the money I’ve been making from selling on eBay. The tank is actually made in Canada! Which is rare. Good quality stuff, like the old lulu I met back in 2010.

It’s time to brag about my latest crossfit achievements.

First of all, I better check my ego because I thought I hit a 20lb PR on cleans while I was doing super heavy front lunges with Danielle, but it turned out I was just bad at counting. Really bad at counting. Danielle and I each had about 3 false celebrations. Woops….What really happened was that I cleaned 180 and did one lunge with it. Not 200#.

Fun questions my crossfit readers can answer:

  • Have you ever gotten duped at crossfit because of a miscalculation adding weights?
  • Have you ever done a workout with the wrong weight on the bar?
  • Do you prefer to lift weight before you count it to see what it was? I know someone who only lifts with the plate numbers facing inward so that they are hidden πŸ˜‰
  • Do you have any other strange lifting rituals or habits?

Things I did do:

Front squat PR at 205.

Bench press PR at 145. (we’re not gonna discuss the details, but this is well under my body weight! lol)

Getting better at strict pull-ups–I hung out and did ten of them after the WOD on Tuesday.

Getting better at ring dips–I did two in a row! lol clearly body weight is my weakest skill, but it’s bittersweet because I can lift big weights. Just gotta keep working!

Happy Thursday!!!


8 thoughts on “Bacon Sammies!

  1. njpaleo May 16, 2013 / 12:54 pm

    Mmmm….2 of my favorite things, bacon and avocado!!!! Definitely have to make those….all for myself….ha ha. Your friend was bitten by a copperhead, OMG!!! Sometimes I miscalculate weights which is why I try to add everything up at least 3 times before I believe I added it correctly. And I “have” to know how much weight is on the bar for some weird reason. I love you new lulu outfit! I’ve been eyeing that new purple….

    • fabulousinfayetteville May 16, 2013 / 2:45 pm

      I have to know the weight, too! Some of my lifting budding prefer not to know but I HAVE to! I can’t stand failing at a mystery weight.

      & Yes bacon and avocado were meant to be together πŸ™‚ well… bacon and anything, really.

  2. ~jenniferlynn May 16, 2013 / 1:19 pm

    Such a pretty kip!! Jealous!!!!

    Do you prefer to lift weight before you count it to see what it was? YES. This is how I ot my deadlift PR – my partner and I can’t count anyway half the time when working out, so we just started the bar with 135 and kept adding without thinking. And BAM 195! 205! 215! 235!!!!!!

    It’s more fun that way for sure. Until you undercount.. 😦

    • fabulousinfayetteville May 16, 2013 / 2:47 pm

      I definitely thought of you and your recent deadlift PR when I was asking that question–if there was one lift where i would be open to not knowing the number it’s that one. But I still don’t know if I would make a habit of it πŸ˜‰

      Thinking you’re lifting more than you are sucks, but it actually ends up being pretty funny when you figure it out. Especially when you jumped around high fiving people under false pretenses–lol

  3. Kate May 16, 2013 / 8:38 pm

    Ha I did the opposite the other day and underestimated the weight I set on a bar for DL in a WOD by 20# because I wanted to go light. I was getting all mad during the workout because it felt so heavy…afterwards I figured it out and it made sense!

    • fabulousinfayetteville May 17, 2013 / 10:09 am

      Haha! Something similar happened to me once! They need to add “barbell math” to the crossfit foundations course πŸ˜› “how to count while sweating 101”

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