North Central Regionals

I’m Torrible  (new word that got invented in Chicago). I’ve been avoiding posting a new blog entry because of how much crap I need to post. a LOT. A WHOLE LOT!!!

I spent the weekend in Chicago at the North Central Crossfit Games Regional Competition. The top three men, women, and teams all get invited to participate in the Crossfit Games in California. I was the female alternate for the regional team from crossfit 540, but luckily they didn’t need me. I honestly wasn’t very prepared. So I carpooled for the 10-hour drive with Taylor and Jessica and Taylor’s friend Tracy from Conway–a coach form there was competing and Tracy is his massage therapist. She spent most of the time working while we were there.

931291_10151496548833191_1759417935_nThe events  took place in some sort of convention center at Navy Pier.20130606-085841.jpg

First and foremost: I got to meet Elizabeth Akinwale! That was pretty epic. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. I’m sure she got that kind of reaction all weekend 🙂 What an amazing person and athlete. Check out her blog!20130606-090014.jpg

Here’s a super blurry picture of her:


I need to complain about something, though. I went to Regionals being really excited to see the top female athletes including Deborah Cordner Carson and Stacie Tovar. I think they’re all great people and phenomenal but something happened that bothered me a lot. Tovar, known for her snooki poof and booty shorts, was a little bit sketchy on a lot of the movements. I took a video of her muscle ups that she doesn’t appear to be locking out:

She also bounces deadlifts and doesn’t open up box jumps. I was disappointed, because I saw a lot of no-repping on “close calls” for other people, but I felt like since she has been a games athlete before that it was ok to bend the rules to make sure she got her spot again. She probably would have made it to the games without any leeway from the judges. It’s just annoying to me that politics play a role in the standards, that’s all. End of rant.


We wrapped up Friday and went to lululemon on Halstead–the biggest lulu store in the US:


Then–of course–we went and ate pizza and ice cream.



I got pistachio gelato! MMMMM!


The next day, we headed to Atlas Crossfit with some of the people from Conway and got to work out there. We ended up walking 2.5 miles from there to the convention center so we could watch more of the Games.


❤ nanos.969756_10151498362298191_102998878_n

Jessica and I worked the LifeasRX tent from 1-6.


We got paid $75 cash and $50 in store credit, which was really nice–it helped me feel less ridiculous about spending so much money on the trip. Though I was quite frugal. I came away with lots of lifeasRX swag, and I decided to take the plunge and buy the Lurong supplement. I am hoping that it just helps me get the ache out of my left knee faster. And if not, well… then I’ll complain about it and know to stop falling for gimmicky supplements.


After playing in the rain, getting lost, and walking halways around the city, we ended up having dinner at the best place ever. The deceptively delicious Taco Burrito King. I got a super duper king tastic burrito (im sure it wasn’t called that, but whatever).


with guacamole.20130606-090206.jpg

Bailey Kelly was the only athlete from our gym who competed as an individual this year:

20130606-090600.jpgShe and her husband Jerry are probably my very most favorite coaches ever. They genuinely want to help everyone around them become better athletes. Plus they are both hilarious. And they’re firefighters! How cool is that??? Bailey was the oldest individual competitor. She just barely missed making the games as a master–barely missing being in the top 20 in the 40-45 age division.


After it was all over, we headed to Whole Foods!!! Because there isn’t one back home.20130606-090351.jpg

All I bought were things things and some coconut water.20130606-090359.jpg

Speaking of healthy foods, i didn’t JUST eat pizza the entire time. Paleo Fit Meals had a table set up and I got a couple things from there:20130606-090430.jpg


They even sold paleo cookies:


Se went through St. Louis. The Arch is really fun to take pictures of…


Gosh spending 20 hours in a car is pretty intense. This entry is way too stinking long. I’m gonna just end it here 😉

4 thoughts on “North Central Regionals

  1. ~jenniferlynn June 6, 2013 / 11:40 am

    I love everything here!! 🙂

    How’d you get hooked up working a booth?!

    Can’t wait to go to Central East this weekend!!

    • fabulousinfayetteville June 6, 2013 / 11:42 am

      Life as RX posted a Facebook post asking for help working it! It was fun! You should do it–they pay for your entry the whole weekend plus $50 store credit and $75 cash. Awesome deal!!

      Yay! I’m excited to hear about central east 🙂

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