Mexican Lasagna

I feel like my blog is becoming exclusively about food since that’s all I ever take pictures of anymore! But that’s ok. I can live with that. I’ll just try to keep on keeping things on the paleo side. Here’s the semi-weekly bacon haul:20130624-142508.jpg

What a weekend! I spent all day Saturday frying my skin at Sam’s pool.


Epic sunday breakfast was a bit lonely, but I made it work. Ridiculous amounts of protein! It kept me happy almost all day on Sunday.20130624-142513.jpg

To welcome my ridiculously awesome boyfriend back from Denver on Sunday night, I made this: PaleOMG Enchilada Lasagna. I had a complete heyday getting ready to make some delicious eats from PaleOMG. (No, it’s not exactly paleo…..)20130624-142521.jpg

Whats a heyday anyway? I have no idea.20130624-142527.jpg


Then, for dessert I made THIS20130624-142546.jpg

 Sorry that it’s not photogenic, but they haven’t invented taste-o-vision yet. It’s coffee cake in a cup!! Which means its cinnamon sugary deliciousness with a crumbly buttery topping. It was a winner. Big time. I wish coconut flour and almond flour were easier to find…


Today for lunch, we polished off what was left of the lasagna and then used some of the leftovers to make this awesome salad20130624-142540.jpg

A little crossfut update because I can.

I’m making little bits of progress!!! It’s so hard to try to sharpen a billion different skills all at once, but I’ve decided that in order to become a competitive athlete I really need to mainly focus on gymnastics. I did my first workout with RX handstand pushups on Saturday. Get as many as you can in 2 minutes….. Ok so I only got 15, but the first 10 were unbroken, I just ended up hitting a wall.

Second, I have been able to get TWO ring dips at  time. Sometimes. Which is a huge deal for me–I weigh what a full grown man weighs and carry most of it in my lower body. YOU try that. It’s hard!!

And Third, I am getting a whole lot better at rope climbs. I can sometimes get it in two pulls, but when I’m tired my feet slide. Facts of life.



I PR’ed my jerk at 185. I PR’ed my bench press at 155. AND I have started attempting to run some again. I ran 3.6 miles on Wednesday morning without dying, so it’s a start 🙂 If I focus on all the positive things I have been doing at crossfit, it helps me realized that even though I’m not the best athlete in our gym (top ten girls???) , I probably deserve more credit then I give myself.

Francis and Brutus say hello.20130624-142622.jpg


2 thoughts on “Mexican Lasagna

  1. polkadotrunner June 25, 2013 / 10:14 am

    I always read your blog before lunch because it makes me so hungry!!! 🙂

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