Little Black Bag!!!


We had a paleo party on Friday! It was kinda for Nathan’s birthday, but it was so awesome, I feel like we should have it pretty much every couple of weeks. It was basically a meat fest. Our tummies were all happy. Those are the important things in life.20130701-094901.jpg

Brad and I brought PaleOMG goodies. We made her bacon meatballs with mango honey mustard dipping sauce. And her sweet potato brownies that I somehow forgot to take a picture of… Again. Probably because they don’t ever last long enough for a picture to be taken.

The next day I was in a really good mood. We went to crossfit and then lazed around at the pool with some fellow crossfitters. I was annoyed at the workout for being a non-team workout (generally on Saturdays we do a team workout which is always super fun). But I ended up PRing my jerk! 190! I got it and went “Oh my gosh! YAY.”

But yeah, we ended up going to the pool after that instead of the lake which is kindof silly…


Good times. Very good times.

Time to talk about Little Black Bag!

So it’s this website where you go on there and you can choose and item to purchase and open a “bag”.  Items include TONS of accessories like shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, makeup, perfume, and even home decor. You can choose to get the single item for a set price or you can choose to “bundle” and for $10 more, you get some bonus items. Then you have 7 days to trade with other members and get items you actually want. It’s extremely addicting, so be warned. Once you like what you have you can either ship your bag or you can wait until it automatically closes when the 7 days are up. You can also pay to keep items in a warehouse to trade at a later time… which confuses me. I prefer just trading then and there. And I highly recommend doing a bundle because it’s fun! I got my bag in the mail yesterday and this is what was in it:


I opened with this purse. I have REALLY been wanting a minty green colored purse. This one is the perfect size for me and I love all the extra pockets inside. Amazing. I couldn’t find a purse like this in a store for that price. I only paid $49.

Here are all four items that I ended up with after trading:


I love this purse even more after having it in person!!! SO pretty!


I traded for this phone case because i just got the iPhone 5 and only have on case. So now I have a backup. It’s kindof cheap and crappy but whatever. I actually found it online and it retails for about $6. It was listed on LBB at $25 value. HA. Silly. There are lots of things on there that are worth more or less than it says they are. While I was trading some Betsey Johnson bags were uploaded and they sold out in about 20 seconds. I actually tried pretty hard to trade for one, but no luck. It’s ok, though. I love my new bag.

This perfume was free for anyone who opened a bag during a certain time period. I originally got plain vanilla but I traded for this. I don’t really like super sugary smelling perfumes and blackberry sounded very fresh.

The last item I got was this seahorse in a jar necklace:

Here it is, I wore it today:20130701-094929.jpg

There are little bits of cork floating around in it too. Lol, ohwell.

I am wearing the Lavanilla perfume right now. It was a teeny tiny sample, but I like it pretty well. I think I’d like to smell the other flavors–I bet the vanilla grapefruit smells really awesome.

Here is my link if you want to try Little Black Bag— It’s really fun, I promise! And if you stalk it, you can find a pretty good deal 🙂

Confession: I purchased and ate this entire thing of oreos…. and it was worth it.



3 thoughts on “Little Black Bag!!!

  1. ~jenniferlynn July 1, 2013 / 11:17 am

    190?!?!?! HOLY INSPIRATION! I am trying to get over this 95# hump. I have jerked 105 a handful of times, but something happens when I get to 95 that I just panic. I just see those plates and my brain goes, “Nope. Not happening.”

    You like those birthday cake Oreos? I was a bit disappointed when I tried them.. lol.

    And just what I need.. another shopping site.. 😉

    • fabulousinfayetteville July 1, 2013 / 11:57 am

      Yes, ive really never found anything that was “birthday cake” flavored that I didn’t like. I wish I thought they were gross, but I don’t. They’re like a magical oreo cupcake party in my mouth.

      Yeah, I finally jerked 190! 200 is my goal for the year, but it’s a reasonable goal! I weigh a lot… So the numbers with my body weight ratio aren’t as impressive as I wish they were. I actually had a breakdown last night when I saw that today’s workout was 30 clean and jerks for time at your body weight (after a met con). My clean and jerk PR is 185 and my body weighs about 170 right now… I’m pretty sure that there is no way that I could possibly do that 30 times. Or even 5 times, honestly. Ugh. The men in our gym have it a lot easier on that particular workout… I don’t even think I will try to do it. I am thinking I will go do 30 banded bar muscle ups for time instead. :-/

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