Dallas in July

For the 4th of July holiday long weekend I went to Dallas to see my college roomies! Brandy is moving to Kenya, Africa so this was our last opportunity to all get together any time soon. They won’t be back to visit for at least two years. Which I think is super hardcore. And sad! We will miss her, but she is starting a blog, so that might help. We hardly see each other anyways, so maybe it won’t be as hard.

Anyways here is my weekend… in chronological order.

I drove to Dallas on July 4th, so I decided to stop at 413 in Ft. Smith and work out with Jess on my way there.


The workout was a hero WOD called White:

5 rounds for time of:

3 rope climbs

10 toes to bar

21 overhead plate lunges

400 M run

It was tough because you had to wait your turn on the ropes.There were three ropes there and about 15 people trying to climb on them.

My GPS told me to take back roads through Oklahoma because it would shave an hour off of having to drive back up on I-40. It was cool but I was really nervous the whole time because I had basically no cell phone service and my car has been threatening to kill me a lot lately.


I arrived in dallas to a fantabulous dinner of smoked chicken, roasted veggies, tomato cobbler, and …20130708-100128.jpg

…the cutest cherry pie you’ve ever seen.20130708-100136.jpg

The next day was filled with shopping and eating and more shopping.20130708-100206.jpg


I’m glad we don’t have an In-n-out burger here in Arkansas. I could see myself justifying it as a viable option since you can go bunless and it’s 100% pure beef patties. And fresh-cut fries.

Here is the epic gelato case at Central Market:


& Just because, here is some weird type of sushi restaurant in a mall that we went to. Randomness, but kindof cool.


Yeah, its a moving conveyor belt of sushi.

We went to IKEA. Which I am sad that we don’t have in Arkansas because I could have made my apartment look a lot cooler with that instead of spending all of my summer camp money on the furniture I have now.


I want these plates:


and this rug:


LOL jk!

For our last meal in Dallas, we went back to Stratos and I ordered the epically delicious Moussaka again:


I want to try and recreate that somehow. Maybe make it paleo, except with cheese. Paleo but with cheese…sure. My body loves dairy! (LIES)

Here is what will probably be the last picture of the three of us until some time in 2015:20130708-100400.jpg

I stayed for a farewell breakfast of banana pancakes and veggie-eggies and then hit the road.20130708-100408.jpg

When I got home around 4:30 I was insanely productive! I did laundry, went to the store, cooked bacon, watched Election, made turkey nuggets for dinner, and made some homemade almond butter.


I bought a bag of almonds, roasted them in the oven at 375 for about 5 minutes (they didnt look very roasted at all, but it was enough to give them a bit of a roasty flavor. i could have gone a lot longer, I think–they did not look toasty at all).

I added about a teaspoon of salt or so and then sat there with my food processor and blended for a long time. It takes about 5 minutes straight. Maybe ten minutes, heck. Whatever it was it took ages. I was about to give up when i finally saw the mealy powdered almonds start to clump together! Then it was about two minutes until the whole thing was a creamy butter.


The flavor of it was AWESOME! But it kinda sticks your mouth while you’re eating it. It’s a recipe I wouldn’t mind working on perfecting 🙂


One thought on “Dallas in July

  1. polkadotrunner July 8, 2013 / 8:22 pm

    Sounds like an adventure! Beautiful picture of you ladies!!!

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