Play All Day

OMG NO WAY!? I am actually blogging two days in a row??? Nutso.

I think it’s mostly because I was annoyed at myself for completely forgetting to talk about visiting Crossfit Strong while I was in Dallas or talking about my fantabulous trip to lulu.

I went alone because all of my college friends are too sane to do the super demanding workouts that crossfit tends to bestow upon its members. I like to word things funny right now. So here is the box:20130709-115621.jpg

We actually worked out way back in that corner back there. On really dirty mats.

This was the WOD:

10 minute EMoM

1 power snatch and 10 butterfly situps.

I ended up snatching 95 for 5 rounds and then 105 for the last 5 rounds. I could have gone heavier but I was focusing on form. The instructors actually gave me some really good tips! I was starting with my knees too far forward and I wasn’t pushing them out on the way up with was making me lose a lot of power.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 20lb DB push press

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 burpees

Which I finished in 5:51

I don’t really get a lot tips during EMoM’s at 540… I know I’ve been crossfitting for over a year but I don’t really know anything. I get coached a little bit every once in a while, but I would love help every day. Maybe they think it offends me if they are constantly correcting me. I guess I don’t seem like I want help?? I don’t know what the deal is. I consider myself to be quite coachable if someone would just tell me what to do. I would definitely consider hiring a private coach if that’s what I needed to do. Dang it, bar muscle ups. Slash, ring dips.

I am curious to try the nano speeds.


They had them for sale at the box, but I figure I will just eventually either hear a bad review and decide against it or finally cave and order them online. Or take my $25 gift card to rush running and finally spend that shizz.

Time to talk lulu!

I went to the North Park Mall store and immediately snatch up the Cool Racerback in “soot light” and “spry blue”. Then I got all distracted by the new play all day shorts. I grabbed four different colors and had a hard time picking one.




I ended up going with these:


I LOVE them! And I want at least two more pairs because They’re so darn comfy. They’re basically speed shorts that are acceptable to wear around without looking like you just came from crossfit. AMAZEballs.

Speaking of amazeballs, I have one more purchase to gloat about.

So the other day, before she headed to dallas for her L-1, Jess send me a link to Cracked Nut Butter. It’s not exactly paleo, but it it just has some whey and some stevia. Otherwise we’re cool.20130709-115720.jpg

I grabbed the chocolate chip cookie dough. Curiosity got the best of me during my 5.5 hour drive home so i stuck my finger in the jar. Eugh. It tasted kinda like one of those crappy protein bars that I used to eat when I was a vegetarian. The guy at the store told me to turn it upside down to bring the chocolate chips to the top and then stick in the the fridge, which I did. I tried it again once it was cold it tasted MUCH better. But not $17 better. Yes I paid $17 EACH for two of those stupid things. LOL– lesson learned.20130709-115725.jpg

HEY guess what I am doing this weekend??! Going to Kansas City for the Garage Games to compete on Sunday as a two-person team with my amazing boyfriend. Also getting the chance to hit up lulu again and to sight see around Kansas City 🙂 Lucky me!!!


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