Time to dedicate an entire post to food. Ready, getset, GO!!!

I sometimes forget how ridiculously delicious tomato sauce is. And how EASY it is to make for dinner! The other day I decided to get tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, ground beef, onions, and italian spices and whip up a super quick easy sauce to dump over spaghetti squash. And it was amazing.


Too bad that I overcooked the spaghetti squash. The leftover sauces was awesome dumped over a baked sweet potato…

Feaux-tatoes. Skillet chicken with Mrs. Dash spices. Creamy Spice market kale from Well Fed.

Speaking of which–did you know Well Fed 2 exists??? It’s available for pre-order!


I forgot to take a picture of it, but we made these kind of buns for burgers on Monday night. Here is a picture of my half-eaten leftovers:


Yesterday for lunch I whipped up some rutabaga egg nests:


They are my go-to meal when I am strapped for cash. And between my trip to Dallas last weekend and my trip to Kansas City this weekend I am definitely broke as a joke.

This is what happens if you throw frozen bananas into a food processor with a dash of vanilla extract:


This is what happens when you top it with reese’s pieces:


Last night Brad and I went on a little date. We had dinner at Taziki’s which just opened here in Fayetteville. It wasn’t very paleo, though. It’s where burger life used to be…. we miss burger life. Taziki’s portions are really tiny:


We ordered something called a “feast” and it was a teensy serving of meat, no dressing on the salad, and a small side. We left hungry so I made us go to Bliss and get cupcakes 🙂 He got an Orange one and I got the Butterfinger. Holycrapballs it was insanely delicious.


Feast your eyes upon this badboy:20130712-094023.jpg

I didn’t have any empty places in my tummy after that. lol

OMGYAY! I am SUPER excited we are going to Kansas City tomorrow to play and compete in the Garage Games! Wheeeeee!!!

I went a little overboard with the colors just then…

Happy Friday!!!


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