Kansas City Garage Games Summer Crush

Am I the only person who has to constantly talk myself out of buying things like crazy? I mean, really! If I had endless money I would have bought new bedding, two dresses, wrist wraps, a purse, a pair of flats, two necklaces, running shoes, lifting shoes and a rug already today. I have my bank account open in one browser tab so that I am able to constantly flip over to it and actually SEE how completely broke I am. I’ve spent over $200 already today but it was my electric bill and my credit card which I only use to buy gas. Yippity skippity. Finances are boring. Let’s talk about Kansas City!!!

First and foremost I have to brag about the delicious vendor that they had: Evolve Personal Paleo Chef.

For $10 you get a giant rack of ribs, two sides (I picked broccoli salad and potato salad) and a package of fruit and nuts or “paleo balls”. You need to go to their website–I am super inspired to try and replicate some of their recipes on my own. Particularly the potato salad.



This is the potato salad. I’m guessing the lighter pieces are japanese sweet potatoes. Not sure.20130716-094648.jpg

For breakfast they had eggs and local-farm nitrate free bacon:20130716-094655.jpg

And a side of fruit.20130716-094701.jpg

Since it was competition day, Brad and I shared plates for both breakfast and lunch. It’s dumb to stuff yourself before you compete. But it’s dumber to eat nothing, so we did good! Anywho–I’ve had my fair share of food from paleo vendors and this was hands down the absolute best. No contest. Whoever catered the Ozark Mountain Shredfest back in December was awful…

The day of all the team competition stuff was Sunday. Brad and I make a pretty kickass team.



Our strategy was a bit flawed: I did all 30 of the jerks and he did all 30 of the KB swings. Then we were both starting to suck at the plank. Then I did 20 Front Suats, he did ten and 20 toes to bar. I did ten toes to bar and 20 lunges. Then for some reason they made it 60 lunges instead of 30… which made it impossible to finish. We got through 47 luges and then we hit the 10 minute time cap. Which is a shame–we would have sailed through sumo high pulls like it was nothing.

The next workout was the worst (pain-t0-fun-ratio) in my opinion:


So one teammate had to as many clean and jerks as possible while the other one ran 200 meters and you keep switching till ten minutes are up. Holy balls. It was stupid hard. I would have thought I would kill that one because I am a runner and a lifter, but it ate my lunch!

LOL, hair1003310_10151574738443191_1565503572_nThat’s me, hating life.


For lunch we split this epic Evolve meal:


Pork with veggie sauce. More potato salad.


And a delicious tomato salad that I intend to attempt to replicate.


I ❤ paleo balls.


The last workout is the one I was most afraid of. Chest-to-bar pull-ups are my absolute nemesis!


Brad is awesome at them, but his grip was gone from all the kettlebells, toes to bars, and clean and jerks from the first two WODs.

He started the deadlifts and did ten. Then I did 22 and then he did the last ten.


So I had to start on pull-ups and I managed to eek out about 5. It was silly. I literally do them one at a time. 995709_10151574974623191_330742477_n


We managed to split up the last two rounds fairly well. I did a lot more pull-ups than I thought I was going to be able to do, so I was pretty proud of myself.

The last part was 200 double unders.


I actually decided that shutting my eyes was my best strategy to focus. there was so much going on, that it just seemed like the best way to calm down and breathe and knock them out. I did like 55 in a row right away, but my forearms were so tight from all the grip-intensive movements that it was nearly impossible to hang onto the dang rope.


But we just kept switching back and forth until we knocked them out. It was awesome!

I think we even won our heat in that event!

That night when we got home I didn’t waste any time falling asleep.

Last night’s quick dinner:


rotisserie chicken with veggies and cucumber salad.

We ate it while we watched True Blood. This season is pretty decent, but I am sick of vampire politics. I stopped reading the Charlaine Harris books after book 5, so I am kind of curious to know if anything like that happens in the books at all. What am I talking about?? I need to find productive things to do…

I need to write about the BBQ we ate on Saturday night, but I’ll have to save it for tomorrow because I’m too lazy right now. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Kansas City Garage Games Summer Crush

  1. polkadotrunner July 16, 2013 / 7:18 pm

    You and Bradly are seriously the cutest couple EVER.

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