Whole 30 Rocky Start

I meant to start this yesterday, but I found myself COMPLETELY unprepared as far as groceries go. So I ate “pretty good” all day and then had mexican food and ice cream for dinner with Brad because he’s even more unprepared than I am. But today I feel a lot more mentally ready. And I did this at walmart last night:20130802-151821.jpg

I’m sure I will be sharing all of my plans soon 🙂

Here’s lunch from Panera’s Hidden Menu:20130802-151826.jpg

I ordred the “steak lettuce wraps” with double the steak. And I’m pretty sure that pesto has cheese and therefor isn’t W30 at all…. but How much does it really have? .02 oz? I can’t force myself to be concerned with that–this is about being healthier not anorexic. “Hi I want a double bacon cheeseburger with no bread, no nitrates,no cheese, no non-grassfed beef, and no condiments. Actually, i’ll just have a few slices of pickle, onion and tomato. Kthanks.” fail.

Those menu items range from 210-300 calories. which is NOT enough to power me through the rest of my work day, plus crossfit, plus cooking dinner. My lunch needs to last me about 8 hours AND a workout.

Crossfittalk time.

I have been working on bar muscle ups a LOT lately because I want to be able to do them during HOA tryouts. It’s so frustrating! Some days I can get them and other days I don’t even come close. It’s weird. I worked on them on Wednesday night for a while and I asked Brad for help. Basically I was finally able to do a few of them once he gave me a couple of helpful cues and starting throwing our curse words.

It’s frustrating how mental crossfit can be.

This is what happens when you’re struggling with bar muscle ups. I did this THROUGH my shirt.


I noticed it while I was taking my “before” picture for the whole30.  And yeah, I am still one of the few ladies in there who isn’t comfortable working out without a shirt on even when it’s 99 degrees. Maybe after this month…. 🙂


I love his meme:


I’d recaption it to say “Post WOD pose” or “I Just did Fran” or something, though. 🙂

Stay tuned for some yummy whole30 recipes to come! And tomorrow is the “Pantless Paleo Party” where people form my gym have a paleo potluck. We all kindof inspire each other and get to eat a gigantic paleo dinner, so it’s pretty dang cool. Everyone should have a paleo potluck!


2 thoughts on “Whole 30 Rocky Start

  1. Marlea August 2, 2013 / 4:48 pm

    That bat-pig crashed & burned!

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