How To Fry an Egg

So… about the whole30. It died. It turned into a “paleo zone” instead. Which means I can eat whatever I want as long as its paleo and as long as it meets the Zone 30-30-40 Fat-Protein-Carb ratio. Paleo comes naturally to me, but having to think in “blocks” is an entirely new animal. And the only way I have figured out to measure things is to go to and enter in each thing and then divide the number of grams in a block by whatever number of grams it has in it to figure out how much of it i can eat per meal. This whole process is complete chaos. But I’ve figured breakfast out:

3 eggs = approximately 3 blocks of protein , 3 blocks of fat (bc i eat yolks.)

2 applegate sausage links= 1 block of protein, 1 block of fat. (they are tiny…)

1/2 c blueberries = 1 block of carbs.

1/2 banana = 1.5 blocks of carbs

1/2 c raspberries = 1 block carbs. I decided that 3.5 blocks of carbs is close enough.

Here is said 4-block breakfast:


I haven’t figured out snacks really yet. I’m thinking my go-to carb will always be fruit because grains are out of the question with paleo. And dairy is also out of the question, which is annoying because all of the zone helper diet guides tell you to eat it all the time for a snack.

I wouldn’t even be trying to do this unless Trevor (the coach) hadn’t approached me and said that he thinks Brad and I should try and focus on macronutrients. He never really said “Try zone!!!” But i think that is what he was pushing towards. Like maybe we’re eating too much fat or we’re eating all of the carbs we eat at the wrong time of day (according to zone, we needed more at breakfast).

Brad and I are both pretty disciplined about staying paleo (unless we go to a movie theater, or out to eat with friends… or out to eat at all, lol!) but Trevor said “for as much work as you put in to crossfit, you should be seeing more gains.” Which was probably a very nice way of saying “you should eat better so you suck less.” lol   I KNOW I’ve been struggling in there a lot lately. Met-cons that I used to breeze through are kicking my ass! i figured it was the combination of the humidity, heat, and the fact that I don’t run much anymore. So I’ve started running more on off days and in the mornings.

But I do feel very defeated lately in the gym. I’m pretty sure I was the last person done with the workout yesterday.  And like all week last week. It’s very discouraging. I need to figure out how to push myself harder because I feel like a big part of it is mental. We had to do 95lb snatches yesterday and every time I tried to do them quickly I would fail. I guess I don’t have the muscle memory for that yet.  Not really sure what to do…. 😦

That is depressing. Let’s talk about food.

I made Breakfast Meat Sauce from Paleomg! And no, I didn’t feel like figuring out how many blocks it has.




You’re supposed to put it in a oven safe individual serving dish and bake it in the oven with an egg on top, but I didn’t have any dishes like that so I just fried eggs and put them on top. Only I had never fried an egg. Have you??? Let me edu-ma-cate you!

This is what happens if you try to fry an egg in a skillet with nothing else:



This is what happens when you add some fat to the pan first:



Who’d a thunk! “Frying” an egg in fat makes it not stick. Hurmph, science.

I made a meat crust quiche:


(ha ha, there’s my toes)


After I baked the sausage in that little tin pan, I quickly realized that my quiche ingredients would not fit in there with it in a billion years so I transferred everything to a glass pyrex pie dish.



All of the egg pretty much hitchkiked over the edge of the sausage and made itself the crust. So now I guess its an egg-crust sausage quiche.20130807-101659.jpg

That’s as done as I could get it to be.

I ate lunch with Zach yesterday and had some chips and queso for an appetizer. It was a horrible idea, I feel awful about it but I ordered a salad to try and balance it back to healthy.



God was mad at me, so I had the worst heartburn of my life later that night while I was running with Brad. it was BAD. To the point where I had an extremely difficult time drinking water and eating dinner. I never get heartburn.  And never ever ever has it been that bad, but I was practically doubled over in pain from this episode. Brad finally went and got me some Pepcid AC. He’s the best ever.

Oh, and the next day I went out to lunch with Zach again because it was his birthday! Salad again:


It has cheese. I kinda suck. Someone hurry up and open a paleo restaurant!

Here’s the roast I was eating while dealing with heartburn.



Served with cauliflower mash and veggies a-la-bradford.

Then last night we used the sauce recipe for the breakfast meat sauce at the beginning of this post and used beef instead of sausage and baked it in bell peppers! How cool is that??? Brad’s idea—he’s going to make someone a great wifey one day.



We fried some eggs and ate it with em. Eggs are pretty much the paleo version of cheese. Add some salt and leave the yolks runny and you get this creamy salty cheese topping that makes the sun shine a little brighter. Or the moon, just depends on the time of day.


Happy Hump Day!



5 thoughts on “How To Fry an Egg

  1. M. Love August 8, 2013 / 7:05 am

    First. This post made me hungry haha 🙂 I need to get better at Paleo before I try Zone, but I think once I figured it out I could be good at it. Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

    • fabulousinfayetteville August 9, 2013 / 8:54 am

      I definitely felt that way too about my approach! And i think it’s a good idea to get better at paleo first—people tend to “zone” crap into their diet because it meets the block requirements, which I think is an awful idea.

  2. ~jenniferlynn August 12, 2013 / 11:25 am

    I love fried eggs.. with toast. Or English Muffins.. I can’t eat the yolks without dunking some delicious buttery wheat into it.. and I’m awesome at making them; but have to settle for scrambled or hard-boiled 😦 lol

    Kudos on the Zone thing… hope it works for you!

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