I got to spend the past 6 days in Florida with Brad meeting a bunch of his family members. Vacations are never long enough.

When we first arrived from the airport we were greeted by Scooter who excited peed everywhere when we greeted him. And continued to do so every day multiple times a day when we woke up in the mornings or when we came back home from anywhere.20130904-094220.jpg

It’s cool, just make sure your greet him outside or on the tile.

On the first day of vacation we went to ocean and took a tour on The Majestic Princess.


I don’t think any of us realized there would be some annoying-sounding tour guide talking nonstop for 2 hours. But they fed us and it was kinda cool to see all the houses along the shoreline. 20130904-094234.jpg

That was basically the tour. All about rich peoples homes.

I got kindof excited about Vera Wang’s house, though:20130904-094308.jpg

We went to the actual beach twice.  The water was very calm for an ocean. Not a lot of waves, which I found surprising. It was still a lot of fun, though. I had been wanting to go on a beach vacation for a while! I haven’t seen the ocean since I went to Justin and Alison’s wedding back in May 2009. That’s unacceptable. lol


For lunch we stumbled upon a random place called Chowder Head and ordered hot lobster rolls. Pretty sure it was the best meal of my entire life… definitely top 5 material, here.20130904-094324.jpg

Since I’m kindof allergic to shellfish my lip swelled up a bit. But it was totally worth it.

We had boston cream pie for dessert:20130904-094332.jpg

I have no idea why they call it “pie” instead of cake…

Here is Brad’s brother’s family’s dog George. A Cavalier King Charles 🙂 He likes to bite at invisible flies and get excited about going outside to run around the yard.20130904-094347.jpg

One night we went to a place called Clematis Street and had dinner at a sushi place. We told she chef to surprise us with 4 rolls–we got some good stuff.20130904-094407.jpg

Brunch at the Hurricane Cafe the next morning:20130904-094413.jpg

YES we were able to crossfit while we were there! We went to the grand opening of Hustle Hard Crossfit  We were on a 4-person team that might have been a two person team, haha!  We teamed up with two girls that wanted to use an 8lb wallball and a 25lb kettlebell (I took the opportunity to work on 20 lb wallballs since that is what will be used at HOA). A girl on our team kept going on and on and about her surgery that happened ten weeks ago.  Which turned out to be a boob job. People in Palm beach are pretty nutso about plastic surgery. Brad was deeply disturbed by some of the distorted faces running around there. which is GOOD b/c I would never do that. I’ll keep my non-suprised-looking eyes and my natural giant nose, thanks.

We also stopped at Crossfit iQ, which is where Brad went during Christmas when he was in town.20130904-094429.jpg

They were actually closed when we got there. Woops. But “Q” the owner was there and he let us do three rounds of the Hotshots 19 wod. We accidentally ran too far, but it was pretty fun anyways.

On Monday morning we found out that neither of our HOA teams were able to get registered. The competition seemed to fill up within 1 minute of going live. Which is a shame. All that tryouts stress for nothing… and some teams that didn’t try out were able to get in. Life isn’t fair, but you just have to take it and move on when it’s something you have no control over. I already have lots of people who are willing to take over my hotel reservation, but I’m holding out hope that we might be able to get in off of the waiting list. At least for a couple of weeks….

That night we made dinner for Brad’s mom and her husband:


We made Ginger Citrus Salmon with Cucumber and Orange Salsa and a side salad inspired by the “enlightened spinach salad” at Mellow Mushroom.20130904-094455.jpg

We made a last-minute trip to the beach on the day we flew home.20130904-094511.jpg

I’ve mentioned it on my blog before, I find flying terrifying. But it’s worth it because I really love traveling. The more often I fly, the better I get about not spazzing out. Turbulence bothers me but mostly I really don’t care for the take off and landing process. So many sounds and things going on that I don’t understand. I worry that one of those sounds might be a big “oops, we’re all going to die.”

And plummeting out of the sky for several minutes to an impending painful fiery death sounds pretty unappealing to me.20130904-094518.jpg

The cookies they give you are like crack, though.20130904-094523.jpgI’m definitely an emotional eater when I’m above 10,000 feet.


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