Patriot Day WOD

My whole life feels super chaotic right now. My apartment is a huge mess, my computer is all cluttered, even my hair is in a tizzy today. It’s Monday…

Here are the best paleo cupcakes in the universe:20130909-092136.jpg

JessMess came up Friday night and we got up Saturday and did the Sheep Dog Patriot Day WOD because Brad was volunteering to judge for it.

10 burpees each

buddy carry 50yds

100 KB swings 55/35

buddy carry 50yds

80 DB thrusters (35.15)

buddy carry 50 yds

60 box jumps

buddy carrry 50 yds

10 burpees

We somehow ended up getting second place overall with a time of 10:47.


This is a pretty typical photo:20130909-092216.jpg

At least we both blinked at the same exact ridiculous time.

After all of that we watched a car get ripped apart by the jaws of life. I’m not sure if that is a proper noun. By The Jaws of Life? Anyways it was definitely one of those things where you sit there and watch with your mouth open… then when it’s all over and there is bent metal and broken glass all over the place there is an awkward pause before people start clapping because you’re not sure how the hell else to react to that. Awkward clapping seemed appropriate.

Then we went to Feltner Brothers Burgers:20130909-092157.jpg

I love food. Brad had the brilliant idea of making a berry topping for the paleo pancakes we made on Sunday morning.20130909-092229.jpg

They were realllly good. Like last-meal good. I could have eaten the entire batch myself.20130909-092239.jpg

That night we made the Ginger Citrus Salmon again.20130909-092244.jpg

The planet Earth is a very special place… This is how I know:20130909-092258.jpgI’ve been pinteresting lately… I wish I had time and money so I could wear awesome outfits all the time and make delicious meals constantly.

Oh, and my twitter was hacked last night. I didn’t find any miracle weight-loss pills… sorry for the false alarm.


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