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Go check out my guest post on Wine to Weightlifting! She is hosting a #StretchRX challenge–just a commitment to stretch for 15 minutes a day with a chance to win yourself a band from Rubberbanditz. Pretty cool idea if you ask me. No matter what happens you still win. Injury prevention is sexy.

Sorry I stink at updating my blog!

Slow cooker salsa chicken was seriously invented for my lifestyle. 2 ingredients. Throw it in the crockpot during lunch break and BOOM it’s ready at dinnertime. I got fancy and made cauliflower rice and simple guac to go with it.20130918-113701.jpg

A new place opened up really close to where I live and work called Apple Blossom Brewery. It’s not paleo and it’s not healthy, but I’ve already eaten there 6 times. Yes, SIX. And yes they all included cheese. Here are some of the meals I had:

Turkey & bacon sammich. They make their own bread–cranberry sourdough for this one:20130918-113738.jpg


For $1 you can get a salad instead of chips. But their homemade kettle chips are NOT something you should skip if you haven’t tried them yet! 20130918-113751.jpg

I know it’s super naughty but you have to oder their alfredo and bacon fries appetizer. And for $7 you can try all the beers! SOOO good! I like the Fayettewise for a light crispy beer with a froofy aftertaste and their oat beer (forgot its name) for a surprisingly tasty dark beer. I usually hate dark beers but it was delish.20130918-113801.jpgOMG, i think this is my favorite sandwich. The chicken caprese with beer cheese soup.

With all this ridiculous eating I’m not sure how I think I am going to be able to do well this weekend. So yeah, this weekend is the weekend! I have signed up for my first individual crossfit competition. I’m super excited to get to go work out in Conway and see Taylor!!! And I get to leave town during Bikes Blues and BBQ, which will be …. favorable.

So, yeah. I’ve done a LOT of comps but they’ve all been part of a team effort. This is my first time to do one  where all my weaknesses are exposed. Luckily there aren’t going to be any gymnastics. Bit I’m still super nervous.

One of the workouts is a swim with med ball cleans. I have very little confidence in my swimming ability. I am just not comfortable with swimming technique and form… lucky for me, I had Catherine K helping me out. She was good at seeing my weaknesses and helping me know what i need to work on. I think I’ll get a lot better if I could go buy some ear plugs. That’s the number one bother to me while trying to turn my head to get a breath. I tend to stop kicking too. Ah, multitasking…

The workouts also include lots of other interesting things: max effort bear complex. Sled pulls. Running with HURDLES! It should be pretty eventful. I think it will be fun no matter what happens. Great new experiences are on the horizon 🙂

On another note, I am a complete free-stuff junkie. I got a berry-keeper in the mail yesterday.


I’m only talking about it because I has the photo on my phone….

And so here is a picture of last night’s dinner as well.


2 thoughts on “The latest.

  1. Marlea September 18, 2013 / 4:21 pm

    I want to go to Apple Blossom Brewery!! If you need a yummy lunch spot while in Conway, Cross Creek Sandwich Shop is delightful. It’s inside an antique shop in the downtown area. Strawberry soup!!! Pesto bites!! Chicken salad!! Nom nom nom…
    GOOD LUCK in your first individual competition!!!

    • fabulousinfayetteville September 19, 2013 / 11:08 am

      I just hope that I’ll have time to eat! Pretty sure I’ll be hanging out at Hendrix for the entire day eating out of a cooler 🙂

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