The Garage Games Natural State Throwdown hosted by Crossfit Conway

I’ve been DYING to post this entry!!! OMG So my first individual crossfit competition is in the books 🙂 It was certainly a very eventful experience. I don’t have official photos yet from the event, but I can make do with pics from my fabulous friends.

The lovely 60-something degree morning started with a bar complex.

The first wod to be released will be a ladder of a bar complex. The bar complex will consist of a full clean, sh-oh, back squat, sh-oh from the back.  115, increasing 10lbs at a time.
you can get partial credit.



I nailed 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, and even 165. Then I managed to clean 175 and fail to jerk it before time was up. Normally I can jerk 175 without too much of a problem, but I was using terrible form… I still got 2nd on this WOD though 🙂

My judge actually marked my score sheet wrong for that one, which I noticed later. He put that i had completed 175 plus 1 clean at 185–HAH, I wish.

Following the complex we also had to a “shuttle sprint” and a “broad jump”. Their scores were weighted just as heavily as any other workout, which I disliked.

I felt like I annihilated the shuttle run. The stopwatch guy even said “wow, good job!” So i felt pretty good about it…. except that I ended up being 16th out of 22 RX competitors…. um. I have no idea what happened with that.

The broad jump felt like a “who is the tallest” contest. I got 9th. I was so busy trying to figure out what happened to my barbell complex score that I was almost late for the pool WOD!

The WOD that scared me the most:

SWIM WOD 2  9:45 AM

10 med ball cleans (30/20)
50 m swim (1 lap)

20 mbc
100 m swim (2 laps)

30 mbc
150 m swim (3 laps)

The cleans were totally easy peasy.20130924-135048.jpg



I ended up taking to swimming like a beaver because I was too tired  to do it properly. This might be because i have no swimming background whatsoever. But I still got pretty far in the workout. I was 25m away from finishing the whole thing when the 10 minute time cap hit!


I was BEACHED after that! lol. I ended up being 10th overall for that workout. I was quite happy!!! Special thanks to Catherine and Caroline for their help with my swimming. Even though I made my own stroke, I still very much used “keep kicking” and “streamline off the wall” 🙂

Next was the Track WOD! (my favorite of course!)

Track WOD 3  1:00
100 yard sled pull forward (45lb)
800 meter run with hurdles every 200M
100 yard sled pull backwards
So it was my first time pulling a sled, but it was SOOO not a big deal. We pulled it on grass. Which was AWESOME. Hurray for my running background because I easily maintained the lead during that 800m run. Also, the hurdles weren’t hurdles. They were “steeple chaser” hurdles. I don’t have any pics from that event, but here’s what i’m taking about:
Only we were allowed to use our hands to get over it (thank goodness!).  Which was good because I don’t think any of us felt like jumping that high. I honestly don’t trust my coordination enough to try it without hands. Anyways, it was a fun workout! It was really exhilarating to come in first at something. Running plus sleds? It’s for me.
One workout left!!!
The top ten RX female and top 16 RX males advanced to the final WOD.
WOD4 Chipper
2 MIN AMPRAP/2 min rest
3 MIN AMPRAP/2 min rest (separately scored)
do the wOD to completion.
15 calorie row
10 snatch (95)
10 burpee box jumps
10 thrusters (95)
10 burpee box jumps
10 power cleans (95)
10 KB swings (53)
50 DU

Let me clarify something that I wasn’t aware of beforehand—after the 2 minutes of rest you START OVER. I had definitely assumed that you’d just pick up where you left off. But no, we pretty much all did Isabel plus a ton of other stuff.


The row was the easy part. So I paced it out and tried not to kill my grip on it or anything.

The snatches went pretty well for me. I was a little slow, but I managed to string 2-3 together most of the time. 95lbs for me is a lot like how 75 probably feels to most ladies. Thanks, genes, for making me a ladybeast.



The only part of this chipper that repeated itself was the 10 burpee box jumps. They were completely awful. Especially since I did 11 of them before I even got to start the “to competion” part of the workout.



I completely started hating life after that. I had to break up the thrusters into two sets 5/5 , break up the KB into two sets 6/4, and then I had to slap myself around for the double unders.

IMG_4134This is how the last 50 double-unders went:

5/1/4/small break with a mental pep talk/40.

Then I collapsed because YAY I was done!!!! ….so I thought. Then the worst thing ever happened. I discovered that I was actually tied for third place and needed to do a tie-breaker. Nothing is worse news that hearing you still have to endure more pain after such a long day of competing.

Hold a 15lb plate out in front of you until muscle failure.


IMG_4145I have no idea how long it took. it felt like ten minutes, but I’m pretty sure it was about 2-and-a-half.

I somehow won the face-off. I was super ecstatic! Maybe the good karma came back to me from correcting my score from the complex?? Either way, what a feat!


Third place in my first individual comp ever is pretty stinking awesome!IMG_4162

Taylor and I after finishing the long day with an AMRAP of Hibachi:
1240069_961293498692_1222012287_nOverall, what an awesome experience! The other competitors were amazingly sweet and encouraging, the judges were super friendly and personable. I definitely want to do more events with them. Rumor has it that next year they will open it up to teams instead of just individuals 🙂 DO IT!!!

Also, the day would not have been possible without Brad. Suuuuper supportive and excited for me when I did well. He was the best cheerleader I could ever ask for. It was a shame he couldn’t compete along with me, but it was fantastic to have him keeping me  hydrated, fed,  happy and in the shade. 🙂

And it’s his fault that we discovered these on the way up there:



4 thoughts on “The Garage Games Natural State Throwdown hosted by Crossfit Conway

  1. polkadotrunner September 25, 2013 / 7:55 pm

    Proud of you, lady, for all of your hard work!! It paid off! 🙂

  2. njpaleo September 27, 2013 / 1:00 pm

    Wow, congratulations on the podium placement! I can’t imagine having to do a tie-breaker after all that!

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