Chocolate Chip Paleo Muffins

HELLOW! OMG it’s FRIDAY!!! And I forgot to tell you something extremely important/amazing/awesome/exciting. Did I forget or was I just afraid of jinxing myself? Both. Ready??? My HOA team is going to get to compete!!!

I was really disappointed with the world for a while there. This is the best circumstances that we could ever possible get to compete under. No one else had to “give up their spot”. The HOA coordinators apparently decided to make the competition bigger and invite 12 more teams to the RX division. So there we go!

The competition will take place in Springfield, MO on November 8th-10th. Look out team Crossfit 540 Saucy (the other team we sent is called Crossfit 540 Beefy… and “saucy” was better than “meaty”).

It’s time to catch up on the latest kitchen creations.20130927-082730.jpg

The next morning after the Conway Throwdown Brad and i thew together another “epic breakfast”. Only this one really was epic, it didn’t just call itself epic for the sake of the word.20130927-082746.jpgI adapted the pancakes from this recipe and added protein powder.20130927-082759.jpg

I makes me laugh a little bit that I still use the ‘tiki’ dishes that mom got me from Target when I was starting college as a freshman 9 years ago. WHAT!? 9 years?!?? I’m not that old…                        …yes I am.

Other recent noms:20130927-082853.jpg

Paleo spaghetti. I don’t ever use a recipe when I make this. I just mix whatever spices sound good with organic tomato saue and ground beef. I suppose i could be fancy and make meatballs, but ground meat is quicker. I haven’t had much free time lately.

Walmart sells some quality frozen burger patties that are actually whole30 compliant. I ruined it with ketchup though.


Here comes one of my favorite meals of all time:20130927-082924.jpgSlow cooker short ribs! OMG! this recipe.

I bought some turkey burger patties to eat for lunch on the days that I had no leftovers and needed something quick for lunch that wouldn’t go bad waiting for me to eat it. Frozen turkey. Problem solved 🙂20130927-082935.jpgThat ugly yellow stuff is homemade honey mustard. Honey + mustard, duh.

Saying “duh” is so 1992.

Made some almond butter. UGH the texture of homemade stuff really bugs me. It’s so mealy. I want to to be chunky and creamy like the stuff you buy at the store. What the heck?? I ended added more coconut oil to it this time hoping that would help.

It didn’t.


I then used a cup of that to make some chocolate chip paleo muffins. Because why wouldn’t you??20130927-083055.jpg


They aren’t my best batch of muffins ever, but they work. I adapted them from this recipe. I just ended up using my regular paleo protein along with almond butter instead of sunbutter. I’m glad they call it “sunbutter” now because “sunflowerseednutbutter” is a mouth full.20130927-083130.jpg

I haven’t talked about beauty products in a billion years. So it’s time! I tried this new curling cream called Deva Curl. I think i’m going to eventually really like it, but I used it last night and immediately went to sleep with sticky wet hair and woke up with this mess:20130927-083143.jpg

Lol. You get to take pictures like this when you’re the only person in the office.

Anywho, I’ll try using it again when I’m not about to sleep. I think it will be pretty awesome 🙂

One more thing I need to write about! So on wednesday night I went to crossfit and I was nervous and excited about the workout because it consisted of 12 rope climbs. This was the whole agenda:

max back squat.

max clean and jerk.

6 rounds of:

5 front squats (185/135)

2 rope climbs

buy out: 50 toes-to-bar.

I maxxed out my back squat at 285 which I was really happy about. I REALLY want to hit 300lbs on that soon. Then I started getting ready for the clean and jerk. I went up to a bar that had 135 on it from the front squat workout and decided to just go ahead and use it for my first sets of clean and jerk. It was a tad on the heavy for starting weight, but I figured I would be fine since my max is 185. Right? Wrong.

I clean and jerked once. Felt fine. got some chalk. Cleaned again. Went for the jerk. Stuck it. Heard a pop. SHARP PAIN!

I immediately called around for a chiropractor but since it was after 6 no one answered so I left messages. The next morning, the first person to called me back was Brad’s chiro Dr. John Hutchinson. I went to him at 11:15. He worked on me for over an hour–I was being super difficult. I was extremely indecisive about where my pain was pinpointed from. He cracked and squeezed and scraped (he has this evil metal tool that he invented and uses to claw at your skin—-lol, actually Brad told me about it before. It’s pretty awesome and he working to get it patented or copyrighted or whatever people do with their inventions) all over the places I complained about and I was feeling pretty awesome by the time I left there, but I still have a pretty sharp pain. I was sure that a rib had popped out when it happened, but now I think it must be something in my neck. I don’t know!!! Whatever it is, it really feels like a nice “pop”would fix it.

Also I had been getting numb tingling sensations near that area. Which makes me think that it’s a pinched nerve… but I have no clue. He said I should avoid heavy lifting and overhead work for a while. I wish someone would tell me to avoid sitting in a chair for a while… I am going to back to him on Monday and to Dr. Bennington next Friday so between all of that hopefully I can get some relief.

At least now I can was my hair without wincing in pain 🙂



One thought on “Chocolate Chip Paleo Muffins

  1. njpaleo September 27, 2013 / 12:55 pm

    Ouch, I hope that pain goes away soon! Your food always looks so good…..

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