Epic Breakfast

First of all, this:20131014-103045.jpg

You can now transform your sweet potato/apple/banana, etc. into a gourmet dish. You’re welcome.

I made PaleOMG chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and for some reason this was the only photo I managed to take before I scarfed them all. (Oh, and I double the recipe. Because, well, 5 muffins is clearly not enough.


Here’s a pic from Brad and I judging at Wod Wars. It was SO fun! Look at how cute?! Everyone needs a paleo chef crossfit boyfriend.20131014-103155.jpg

Speaking of paleo chef, we have been on a pretty steady kick of weekend eating that looks like this:

Saturday: breakfast at Susan’s Restaurant. Dinner somewhere naughty like Mojito’s or AppleBlossom.Sunday: sleep in, epic breakfast, and dinner is either a quick throw-together or something you can pick-up fast. Last night was leftovers… It’s kind of funny though, the only time we don’t cook dinner is on the weekend when we actually probably have the most time to cook. Makes sense.

Here are a couple of Epic Sunday Breakfasts:


I am completely obsessed with the fruit toppings we’ve been adding to pancakes lately.20131014-103246.jpg

(this last breakfast pic here had pancakes with enjoy life CHOCOLATE CHIPS in them!!!)20131014-103301.jpg

It’s kinda hard to get all that food down, but we always spend about 3 hours at crossfit afterwards and I am always grateful for my happy tummy. lol

And just because this made me smile:20131014-103457.jpg


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