Mini Meatballs

It’s officially Fall! I know it’s been Fall for a while, but it finally feels like it! Just ask my pinterest board.

I’m glad. I’ll miss wakeboarding and lots of time in the sunshine, but I’m cool with boots, sweaters, scarves, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cool weather running, and lots of squashes and apples. And soup/chili. Bring it on.

Brad made this fantastic dinner of tomato soup with spicy mini meatballs from Mark’s Daily Apple.  I highly recommend it! SO tasty. It seems like it should be served with some kind of paleo garlic bread in the future. Let’s take a moment to chuckle at his meticulous meatball skillet layouts….


The tomato soup was out of control delicious and it was just made out of blended canned tomatoes and some spices and garlic and things.


The finished product:20131021-085401.jpg

I also have to leave the apple pie that my mom made from scratch for my dad for his 52nd birthday!

Yumyumyum! I kindof invited myself over and ate some since I was free that night and wouldn’t be able to go to his Birthday lunch that Sharon and Lane were having for him the next day.20131021-085415.jpg

I spent my Sunday afternoon in Springfield, MO while Brad attended the first of two Judges clinics being held in preparation for HOA. I hid in a the nearby coffee shop called Classic Rock Coffee that actually had a whole30 menu. Which I didn’t order from. I actually just sat there and drank my water because I was too full from our giant Panera breakfast to want any more food.


And I played level 204 on candy crush and looked at facebook… what a waste of time. It was a gorgeous day. We’re going to the second clinic on November 3rd, and if I come up there, I will bring running attire or something so I don’t have to sit and listen to Michael Jackson for 2 hours. lol

On the way home we stopped at Mexican Villa and had the “Enchilada Burrito”. Which was extremely naughty. We also figured we would go to Andy’s Frozen Custard and get a pumpkin pie custard, but the food babies that occurred kept us away from ice cream.


Jessica and Brad(different Brad)’s amazing barbell pumpkin:



2 thoughts on “Mini Meatballs

  1. njpaleo October 23, 2013 / 8:35 pm

    Your post inspired me to make meatballs and tomato soup tonight, much to my kids’ delight (though I told them it was home-made spaghetti sauce otherwise they wouldn’t eat it ha ha).

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