Fall Foodses

I didn’t exactly this blog with the intention of writing mainly about food, but that’s kindof what happens because it’s probably the most exciting thing going on in my life right now, haha!

This time of year I make a point to eat lots of soup and/or chili and one of my go-to’s is the delicious seasonal butternut squash soup from Panera Bread.



I also got the turkey wheatberry salad. On a scale form 1-10 it was probably a 3. Pretty boring. but I swapped out the gorgonzola for parmesan because I think gorgonzola is gross. Plus wheatberries aren’t paleo.

Speaking of non-paleo, I also went to Hammontree’s with mom and got Brie’s Company. It’s a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant. Cheese is amazing. That place will never ever go under. Even though birds were begging for crumbs the whole time.


Have you heard of this fruit??? Kiwano Melons. At $8.99 each I decided to remain curious.20131024-110108.jpg

More spiralizer fun:20131024-110123.jpg

Skillet chicken thighs with zoodles covered in an avocado-pesto with cherry tomatoes. OMG nommmm. I kinda used this recipe for inspiration, but I used pine nuts, left out the pars eye, and added a bit of lime juice.

 Oh, and I sauteed the noodles in some EVOO. Because I like warm soft noodles the best. I just asked spell check to learn the word “zoodles” 🙂

This is what happens when it’s time to leave my parents’ house:


Fuzzy little people are really really good at wasting time.20131024-110425.jpg

So I’ll talk about crossfit a little bit at least.

Yesterday this was the workout:


3 min AMRP

5 Front Squats

18ft shuttle run (1 hand touch)

Rest 3 min

Score total lengths





People HATED it. To most crossfitters, the only thing worse than running is running back and forth a zillion times. We had to score total runs. I managed to get 309 and today my back is completely smoked. I also have an ailing wrist as a result of having stupidly tight forearms and angry biceps. I’ve decided a long time ago that I should probably just clone my right arm and paste it on the left side. And I’ll do the same thing with my right knee. My left one sucks. I think that’s just part of being an active human being. I started to type “athlete” there, but for some reason I feel like I should reserve that word for team sport players and college sport players.

HOA is in two weeks! Blahhhhh!!! I think Brad should let me borrow his arms. He can still use mine to judge. He’ll just look really weird with girl arms. OH! And last night we measured that his thighs are bigger than mine. Shut the front door!!! RIght??? I totally thought mine were way bigger. I guess because his are super toned and mine are just chunky. Maybe I should start borrowing his pants so I can stop feeling sausage casing every day. Except he ripped his pants. So we’re actually probably in the same boat…



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