COW tape

OMG HOA is this weekend!!! I am pretty nervous and excited about it. It should be a pretty awesome experience!

First let’s talk foods–my two favorite meals right now are in the post!

We made this again. (“This” being vietnamese nom noms.)



We sortof more that doubled it this time. I even had a few leftovers for lunch the next day 🙂 The only problem was that all the zoodles got pretty tangled up together and it was difficult to incorporate all the other ingredients into them. But I had like 4 zucchinis and wanted to use them all, so whatever.20131106-143147.jpg

I am pretty bad at taking photos of food lately because they’re always blurry and I’m too hungry to care.

THERE. It’s kindof documented, now its going into my tummy ASAP.

We made the  mini spicy meatballs and tomato soup again as well from Marks Daily Apple.



Those are two of the best meals in the universe by the way. Better than pizza.

I bought the last book of the Divergent series at Walmart for 30% off. Hurray!!!20131106-144010.jpg

My wrist has been giving me hell lately, so I got it taped this morning when I went to Dr. B. I picked out cow tape because, well, why wouldn’t I?



The first HOA workout is to find a two rep max load thruster, do a sub-3 Grace, and then finish with as many double unders as possible with the remaining time of three minutes that you did Grace in.

Unless you’re a guy. Then swap Grace with Isabel. EW. Whatever. Hurray for being a lady!

I think I will be able to do really well as long as my wrist holds up for me during that thruster. When the weight is light-ish I am able to rail through workouts just fine. 95 is pushing it, but I’ll probably be ok ay long as I use good form/technique.

Speaking of good form, does anyone know why sumo deadlift high pulls haven’t died off yet?

I think it puts everyones shoulders in a horrible position. And the movement doesnt translate to actually being better at anything else in crossfit. The bar gets all wobbly. It stresses the shoulders and back. And Quite frankly, I constantly hit myself in the boobies when I try to do it correctly. Die SDHP, DIE!!!

This article also has some pretty good points:

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