It’s finally done–and I can’t stop coughing! The Heart of America  Affiliate Team Competition concluded yesterday. Some of the best crossfit teams from all over the central US were there–Illinois, Nebraska, Idaho, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and more!

My team: Crossfit 540 Saucy20131111-105640.jpg

The amount of athleticism in that bunch of crazies is pretty incredible. I was extremely blessed to have the opportunity to be part of such a talented team.

Also BRAD GOT TO COMPETE! A male teammate had to miss out because he couldn’t miss his kiddo’s championship football game, so they needed another guy. Brad was able to get off the Judge’s list and into the competition just in time (they were about to email him the workouts)!

Brad’s team “Pain Party” rocked HOA as well:20131111-105655.jpg

I felt like I was very much able to contribute to my team’s success on Friday night and on Sunday’s final workout, but the WODs on Saturday with toes-to-bar and chest-to-bar pull-ups really pushed me to my absolute limits.

Since my wrist is pretty much dying, I will probably take the next month or so to lay off the weights and focus on my gymnastics more since they don’t bother my wrist as much.

I don’t have many photos yet from the competition but I’ll post a few and talk about the workouts.

Day 1: HALF of the workouts of the whole competition comes from Day 1.

WOD1: total 2-rep max thruster of the whole team.

WOD2: total Isabel time from the 3 men on the team.

WOD3: total Grace time from all 3 women on the team.

WOD4: total double unders completed AFTER isabel/grace if done within 3 minute time cap.

I was able to complete Grace in 2:13–a pretty big PR for me–but then I choked a bit on double-unders. I started out facing the wrong way so none of those reps counted. Then when I turned around I kept messing up. I still managed to get 37 reps, though.

Here’s a photo of Crossfit Conway’s team “QWERTY” with Tracy repping out Grace 🙂


Easton and Brad doing Isabel:



Brooke from my team doing Grace:



The next day you had to partition your team into two athletes doing one workout and the other 4 doing another.

The 2-people workout was an AMRAP  fro 12 minutes of DB snatches, box jumps, and muscle ups. Holland is the only girl from our team who consistently is able to do muscle ups, so she was the obvious choice, even though that dumbell was pretty much half her bodyweight:


Brad was chosen from his team to do that one. I was SUPER proud watching them go 🙂

The other 4 athletes (myself included) were to do a 21-15-9 rep scheme of overhead squats with toes-to-bar. At 75lbs my overhead squats went unbroken pretty easily, but my toes to bar went horribly  😦

The next workout was a walking lunge/ chest-to-bar pull-up relay. I’m telling you– Saturday was NOT my day.

I was the last to go from my team, and had a little under 3 minutes to complete the lunge walk and pullups. I knocked out the lunges like I was being chased my spiders!!! My butt still hurts. Then I wasn’t able to string ANY pullups together. I did about 8 without letting go. Then I had 9 left and only 1 minute. In that minute, I was only able to complete 4 reps. I tried and tried, my arms just weren’t working. It was a nightmare. I felt terrible for letting my team down like that–I’ll do everything in my power to keep that from happening next year. Blegh.

Here’s Brad completing those last few tush-burning lunges:


The last day was my favorite. I knew it would be… It’s funny to think that this entire last workout was worth the same number of points as being able to get some double unders two days before.

Read the details of the last WOD here—> Sunday’s WOD

Basically each of us had to do a relay of 25 heavy wallballs each. Then we each did 2 rounds of a slightly heavier version of the Hero WOD “DT” (12 deads, 9 hanging cleans, 6 jerks). Guys and girls worked simultaneously and whichever trio finished first was able to do burpees while the other group completed their rounds. THEN everyone runs 650 meters together.

Here’s the kicker at the end:

Each person does 10 plate facing burpees and then hangs on the pull-up bar. If the pull-up bar people ever drop, they do three synchronized burpees and then hang back on the bar. Time is done once every single athlete is hanging from the bar. The best strategy was to drop on purpose as athletes transitioned from the burpee station to the pull-up rig as to not lose any time. I was lucky enough to be the second-to-last person on the rig, but poor Holland was holding on for dear life when our last athlete accidentally knocked her off on his way to the bar, lol! Oh well. It would have been quite a story if we had finished ahead of another team from our box–but they beat us by TWO seconds. Those two teams actually took 9th and 10th place overall in the competition. Out of 57 RX teams, I’d say that’s success.

More photos and re-hashing to come— stay tuned!!!


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