HOA5 – Part 2

Hi! I finally am getting around to posting more HOA pics! I am the worst blogger ever, but if you’re reading this then you probably don’t care. So that is good. Thanks for not caring 🙂

Let’s rehash the first workout again, shall we?

HEAVY 2-REP MAX THRUSTERS. rest one minute. GRACE+DU in 3 minutes per teammate.1471164_623796307677598_680168376_n

I was terrified of the thruster. Because my left wrist was absolutely screaming at me when I practiced them at the box a few days before. I was able to get 145 that day, but it was excruciating. I put my opening weight for the comp at 140 even though I knew I could do more because I was scared.

Part of the rules were that you could not remove weight from the bar once it was on there, so after Holland got 140, she was done. I went. Then We loaded up 145. I did that. Then we loaded 150. Brooke and I both did that. Then we jumped to 160. Brooke got it easily so then I decided to try it. I did one rep!!! Then I tried for a second rep and didn’t even get remotely close… At least I know my one-rep thruster max!

Brooke ended up getting 170! She owned that workout. What am I talking about?? She owned the whole competition! That girl will be competing at the games one day. Seriously!!! You heard it here first.

Then Grace happened. I PR’ed my Grace by 17 seconds and got 2:13!!! Since there was a 3 minute time cap, that left me roughly 40 seconds to contribute to WOD4 with some double unders. It didn’t go very well.


I started off facing the wrong direction so that was total fail. None of my first 10 reps or so counted. Then I turned around and ended up with 37 reps. Even though I screwed up at least three times. BUT one thing I can say is that this time last year I couldn’t even do ten in a row. So I’m  kinda ok with it.

Team 540 Saucy girls after Day 1:20131118-093300.jpg

Day 2 was NOT my kind of workouts. We did a 21-15-9 workout of overhead squats with toes-tobar. At the easy weight of 75lb, I did all the OHS unbroken (minus the no-rep that was called on me after the bar rolled off of the platform I was on). Toes to bar were a complete nightmare. I got no-repped to pieces because I couldn’t talk my feet into hitting the bar at the same time.

My last rep was the ugliest of all but it counted anyways for some reason. I have no idea why he counted it. I am still pondering that…. I plan to get a lot more efficient at those in the near future. Thank goodness no one managed to get any pictures from that workout 🙂

ONTO the next wod: a relay of all 6 teammates doing a weighted walking lunge (135/95) across the floor and back and then doing 20 chest-to-bar pullups. I went last and lunged like a pro.


But I had very little time leftover to do pull-ups. I did 11 of them and then I felt like my arms were completely dying. Jerry told me I had 1 minute left, but all I could do was one at a time… I wanted SO bad to be able to get the reps done but my arms weren’t doing what I was asking them to anymore.


I managed to get 4 more reps in that last minute. Which isn’t that bad because I would have had to get at least 4 more than that to change our ranking. But I still felt really terrible. It’s strange how even your best effort can leave you still feeling like you let your team down.

Thank goodness it’s DAY 3!!! –Always the most fun workout of HOA. This year was no different.

You can read my previous post or check here for all of the details of the last WOD but basically this is what was on my plate:

25 heavy wallballs, 2 rounds of “Heavy DT” (12 deads, 9 hanging cleans, 6 jerks at 110lbs), run 650 meters, 10 burpees. hang from a bar.

Wallballs were first:1453524_10151736177262204_919076712_n

I did them unbroken, but had to do an extra one because I got no-repped once when I “air-balled” it. My ball went up to the target, stopped, and came back down without actually touching it. LOL, stupid ball.

I was actually really happy with how DT went. For some reason I wasn’t very confident with my ability to handle 110lbs… which is dumb. Because that is really nothing for me. I did both rounds with only a small break in between and  a quick drop after the 11th deadlift of the second set.


The run was nice. I was a breezy and sunny 60-something degrees.1471164_10151736181552204_1581266837_n

The last ten burpees were easy and quick, unless you were one of the first people to go. Then you’d be hanging on the bar for an eternity.

The last person to jump onto the bar was Easton and he grazed Holland, who was the second person to do burpees and baaaaarely hanging on, on his way in. This picture captures the moment right after she fell off the bar:


Pretty amazing photo. LOL –it really captured Holland’s frustration. The other team from our box beat us by 2 seconds! Dahhh! lol We ended up finishing the competition in 9th and 10th place, which is quite respectable. I definitely want to step up my game for next year. I loved competing and hope to have the opportunity to do it every year. SO much fun!!! I need to figure out gymnastics ASAP.

My diet totally sucks right now.

Beer cheese soup with a turkey bacon sandwich from Apple Blossom Brewery.


Brad and I made this chili from my Well Fed cookbook.20131118-093757.jpg

I ate it UP! omnomnomnom!

The weather had been really cold so chili is a must-have. we just made the mistake of reading the recipe as we went. It was 9:00 at night when we noticed “let simmer for at least two hours” in the directions. So we ordered a pizza.

We had another paleo potluck!!! This one was “breakfast themed” and Brad hosted it at his house.


Sadly, we left my pillow at the hotel in Springfield after HOA. But for $16 they shipped it hack to me. It was well worth the steep price tag. I freaking LOVE that pillow… it came in the mail on Thursday.20131118-093739.jpg

One thought on “HOA5 – Part 2

  1. NJ Paleo November 20, 2013 / 4:25 am

    Congrats to you and your team! You girls are super-strong! These pics are really amazing, they show how strong you really are.

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