Kitchen Blunder

This is why I never paint my nails:


Not even 12 hours–and I spent most of them sleeping, and almost every single nail tip has chipped off… plus I even used top coat to try to protect it. Which didn’t work at all, c learly.

So about that kitchen catastrophe–I gotta explain myself before I tell you what happened before I seem like a complete moron. So I was trying to make lasagna. I found some gluten-free sheets of it at walmart and decided to get them and try this recipe from PaleOMG: Creamy Rosemary Chicken Lasagna. It’s double-naughty, I know. But I wanted to keep swimming in grassfed cheese while enjoying my gluten-free naughtiness.

Her recipe specifically calls for 1 (12 ounce) container of Cappello’s lasagna sheets. Since I don’t have $60 lying around to put toward almond flour lasagna sheets, I opted for the corn/rice version at walmart. Also, I figure these Cappello’s sheets must already be soft or something, because the cook time for this dish was only 10-15 minutes. I definitely cooked mine a solid 25 minutes (my pan dimensions were slightly different, but whatever). Anyways, I decided I should at least partially precook the pasta sheets so that they wouldn’t end up being crunchy or rubbery or anything in there. Sounds reasonable, right???



A whole bunch of no.

They ALL got stuck together–not a single sheet was free-flying.

Therefore I had to stand in my kitchen and frustratedly rip apart whatever I could and arrange it in the dish best I could.


Brad and I had free passes to see an early screening of The Hobbit (part 2) and when we got back, I cut two servings out of it and we ate it at about 9:45pm. So naturally I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing, so I had to pull it out of the fridge this morning to get good pics.


I’ll be honest, it actually tasted amazing even with stupid ripped up noodle sheets.

What did I learn from this experience? If you need cooked lasagna noodle sheets you

  • shouldn’t try to cook them all at once
  • should add oil to the pasta water to try to keep them from sticking together
  • should stand there and stir them the whole time they’re cooking
  • should NOT try multitastking (aka shredding chicken/cheese/stirring skillet veggies) while said pasta is cooking

There now, I did all the learning for you. You’re welcome 🙂



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