Buffalo Chicken Pasta!

I have a lot of delicious food to write about. And lululemon. And even a crossfit competition! We’ll start from the beginning. I made some delicious buffalo chicken zoodle pasta. I pretty much used this recipe from PaleOMG, only I swapped the spaghetti squash for zucchini noodles. I ❤ my spiralizer and I’m pretty sure I’ve used it at least once a week for the past 2 months. Ha!

First, I decided to get a little fancy and  make my own chicken for this dish. I googled and found an article that fit the bill. Next month is “skinny january” so I’ll probably use this method a lot. First you use a meat tenderizer to hammer it out:

20131217-091026.jpg(I for some reason ended up buying ‘the three bears’ as my chicken breasts.)


Then you heat up a skillet and a tad of oil/butter. While that’s heating, you can dredge or rub your chicken. I used salt and pepper and a little bit of some Mrs. Dash variety. Then you toss in in the pan and brown it on both sides, then turn it to low and cover and have it sit for ten minutes. After ten minutes, remove it from the burner and let it sit another 10 minutes. I used a meat thermometer for the first time: 165 degrees–perfect! Then I let them cool for a few minutes before I cubed them up and stored them. PERFECT for the buffalo chicken pasta!!!20131217-091114.jpg

I also cut up the veggies that the recipe called for and pre-made the paleo mayo. Which, by the way, was the easiest method I’ve ever tried! OMG you must use an immersion blender any time you think you’re making paleo mayo. I’ve done it 2 or 3 times before and my arm almost fell off from whisking. Yeah, my superwoman crossfit arm almost fell off. The immersion blender took about 20-30 seconds of just standing there…20131217-091120.jpg

I also cut the zoodles and threw everything in the fridge. It was genius! That way when we got home from crossfit, I was easily able to throw everything into the skillet with some hot sauce and call it done.

It was a winner—so quick if you make everything ahead of time!


I also made my favoritest palyo dessert of all time. These cupcakes. And as I am typing this, I am noticing that I totally forgot to add extra chocolate chips on top. Boo, that would have been ridiculously cute. I gave them to Taylor for letting Brad and I stay at her house. Which is the cutest house ever. I wanna go to Conway all the time now… once it gets warm again we need to grill out on her amazing porch. Just sayin’.20131217-091157.jpg


We ended up coming in 10th at that competition.

Here are a few pics from that:


row signing

Afterwards we ate at Big Orange. Being STARVING and eating the worlds most delicious burger at the same time is an overload of endorphins. Whether or not you follow it up with a shake.


Then we went to the new lulu and I got this shirt 🙂20131217-091236.jpg

Speaking of lulu, I also got these new speed shorts and am COMPLETELY in love with them. They’re called brisk bloom. I heart them.20131217-091253.jpg

And the even included a nude liner. Which is genius, IMO.20131217-091304.jpg

I also picked up this Weekend Warrior Duffel bag in Deep Zinfadel when I went to the new lulu store in Tulsa. I am completely ridiculous buying lulu left and right… woops. Ohwell.20131217-091314.jpg

I also got my first pair of Sorel boots! The snow is all melted now, but I’m ready for round 2! Bring it!!!20131217-091323.jpg

Bath and Bodyworks hand their 3-wick candles on sale for $8/each a couple days ago. Normally they are $20, so I went crazy and got 4 of them. Here’s chocolate cookie going right now:



yum yum yum! I love winter

…except for freezing my buns when I go running 🙂

One more thing–my bar muscle up came back!!! I haven’t been able to do one without the help of a band since like September or something. I’m not even sure. but I sat there last night and did them over and over until I got 15 reps in. Baby steps 🙂 I also PR’ed my overhead squat at 175 on Sunday. YAY! I like “bulking” season….lol (the plan is to eat sugar and carbs now and then be and obsessive macronutrient creep it in January).


3 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Pasta!

  1. jh December 17, 2013 / 9:37 pm

    So many things!

    Dish looks SO GOOD!! I love making the zoodles ahead of time (store them with some papertowel up in there and they get less slimy)..

    The guy on the left is super cute.

    Your legs look AWESOME in the rowing pic.

    I still own no Lulu..

    and AMAZING job on the muscle up and PR OH Squat!!

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