Merry Christmas!

I can’t stop with this candle. I just can’t. It’s amazeballs and it’s probably going on sale today because it’s all Christmas-y scented.20131226-100655.jpg

Salmon is my very most favorite fish ever to eat. Only if it’s raw, though. Cooked salmon is okay too but raw is ridiculous.


hOKAY so… I got myself these stripey lulu crops. I didn’t think I’d like them and all they had was a size 6 and I usually wear an 8. And sometimes even a 10 if it’s something that tends to run small… but these babies came in the mail and I completely didn’t expect to like them at all, but…20131226-100727.jpg

I paired them with pink and they magically became amazing!!!20131226-100737.jpg

They almost hurt my eyes.

OMG Can you believe Christmas is over??? I can’t!  I had “Friendsmas” last night with Zach and I made my paleo cupcakes again. because why not. I also remembered the chocolate chips topping this time and even added some extra non-paleo colored sugar to the top.20131226-100751.jpg

For Christmas Eve, I prepared some broccoli. It actually got quite a few compliments.20131226-100803.jpg

My grandfather got everyone t-shirts:20131226-100839.jpg

My sister’s:20131226-100846.jpg

And my mom’s said something like “Don’t mess with me or I’ll sic my daughter on you” lol! I guess now everyone can advertise that I’m a studmuffin.

I am SO excited, I got new lifters for Christmas!!!! Yes, I made sure mom bought these on Cyber Monday when they were 25% off.


These babies were sold out in a few hours. I lucked out! I actually like them better in this color than I do the pink ones. Which is funny because I was totally obsessed with the pink when it first came out, but then I kept seeing this bright cherry red in person and I freaking LOVE it.

Also, of course, snagged some lulu gift cards 🙂 my favey!


Here’s a small sampling of some of the naughty things I ingested yesterday:20131226-100912.jpg

Egg nogg–the kind with rum 😉20131226-100925.jpg

My stomach hates me for that.

not pictures: reeses christmas trees, iced sugar cookies, more paleo cupcakes, brown sugar, butter, spinach dip, cheesy potatoes, red wine, chocolate cherries, shortbread cookies, fluffy rolls, naughty bbq sauce, gummy candy.

That’s not even all of it, that’s just the worst of the worst that I can recall at this moment-haha!

On a side note—a gluten free cupcake on christmas eve caused me to get a front squat PR of 210#.


Peanut ate whoopcream. Can you tell?20131226-100935.jpg

Zach skittish kitty decided to just let it all hang out last night.20131226-100945.jpg

When I sent that to Brad he responded with this website. Go look at it!!!  You are welcome.

Brad is visiting his dad in North Carolina right now for an entire week. Which is good–I am glad he gets to see if family… but I’m ready for him to come back!!!


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